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( Little Apple (2)

When he heard Zhuang Shurong, Mu Yuchen felt his heart turn to mush. He said softly, “Thanks, Mother.”

Mu Yuchen understood Zhuang Shurong very well. Even though she had said she would not interfere with his marriage, that did not mean she would be truly satisfied with the woman he ended up with.

Zhuang Shurong was sharp and straightforward in the way she viewed things. Mu Yuchen admitted that he inherited this part of her while Mu Tangchuan’s refined personality was more reserved and carried depth unlike Zhuang Shurong’s pride in her abilities and stern manner. Many people did not really dare approach her, especially at work.

However, such a personality would get the shorter end of the stick too. It was all thanks to Mu Tangchuan who personally settled several problems for her.

In Wang Hui’s words, Zhuang Shurong and Mu Tangchuan’s personalities complemented each other while he and Xiaye seemed to be more similar and merged in harmony.

Every relationship would have its own suitable ways of growing in order for it to last long. He did not want to ask for too much, so he only hoped that it could continue to progress steadily like this.

“For the Mid-Autumn Festival, you and Xiaye can return to the Shen residence. Your grandparents have agreed since it’s just Elder Shen alone at home, and he’ll feel lonely. We can feel Xiaye’s attentiveness toward us, but you’ve got to be more thoughtful about her too. As for work, I think she must be quite bored at home, especially right now. It’s better for her to tag along with you, but she mustn’t be too worn out either, meaning that you should just give her some things to do.”

As Mu Yuchen listened, he stopped what he was doing and answered, “Mmm.”

When the porridge was done, Xi Xiaye had already gone upstairs. Mu Yuchen held the bowl of porridge and entered the room. She was done showering and was sitting on the rattan chair on the balcony, talking on the phone with Shen Wenna.

Xi Xiaye bent her legs while curling up on the rattan chair as she asked Shen Wenna softly, “Mother, how are you feeling right now? Do your eyes feel uncomfortable? When did the doctor say the stitches can be removed?”

On the other end, Shen Wenna was sitting on a bench in the park, bathing in the first glimmer of dawn. Her shoulder was still wrapped in Xi Mushan’s coat, and there was a cute poodle quietly laying on her lap. She wore a Qinghua porcelain cheongsam and carried the charm of an Eastern woman.

Even if her eyes could not see, it did not seem to affect her charm. That was Shen Wenna.

“I don’t feel uncomfortable. In fact, I’m great. In a few more days, the doctor says it’ll be removed when my condition stabilizes, so it wouldn’t do me good to irritate it.”

A gentle and loving smile appeared on Shen Wenna’s face as she paused and then asked, “What about you? It’s been three months, hasn’t it? Does it feel very tormenting? Having some folic acid tablets might help. Also, watch your health. My bones are a little weak. I’m worried that you’re like me. It might be more difficult during labor.”

“Don’t worry, Mother. Right now, I’ve been taking tonics according to the opinions of a nutritionist, so the child is quite healthy. Grandpa is doing good too. Just stay there at ease and recover. How’s Father? Aren’t you with him?” Xi Xiaye tried to probe.

Shen Wenna paused on the other end. Her tone did not sound out of place as she responded, “He said he was going to get me a cup of warm milk tea. The weather’s been amazing. He’s been making me wake up at 7 a.m. almost every day to walk around. Oh, right, Ah Chen told someone to bring me a little poodle earlier. Your father and I have discussed its name, and we’re calling it Little Apple. The little guy is quite cute. It’s very small, only as large as a teacup.”

As Shen Wenna spoke, she touched Little Apple on her lap while it stuck its tongue out and licked her hand. She smiled even wider, and she could not help but say, “Little Apple is quite adorable. I’ll just help you raise it as your pet, so it’ll call you ‘Mother’ later on. The little guy listens to your father teach it how to call out ‘Grandpa’ and ‘Grandma’, so it’s used to it now. Your father spoils it terribly. It’s about to be spoiled silly. Every time he returns, he calls out, ‘Little Apple, Grandpa is back’, and then it runs to the door.”

Xi Xiaye was confused by Shen Wenna’s words.

Little poodle?

When did Mu Yuchen send it to Shen Wenna?

Why did she not know about this at all?

Nonetheless, she did catch some keywords from Shen Wenna’s speech—

Your father, Grandpa, Grandma…

Why did she feel like it sounded like it was copying something?

After that, Shen Wenna spoke for a little while more before she hung up reluctantly. The shredded chicken porridge that Mu Yuchen silently set down on the table beside was still piping hot. Xi Xiaye felt hungry now, so she picked the bowl up and ate it in a contented mood. Thankfully, her stomach was not reacting badly as it had earlier.

After she finished the porridge, Mu Yuchen was done with his shower too. He walked over in a sleeping robe and brought a glass of water.

Xi Xiaye took the water he handed and drank two gulps before she asked in puzzlement, “When did you get someone to bring Mother a little poodle? I didn’t even know.”

“Mother told you?” Mu Yuchen raised his brows and looked at her.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mmm, she just told me. She and Father have given it a name, Little Apple. It sounds like they adore it. They even made it ‘call’ them ‘Grandpa’ and ‘Grandma’. From the way Mother sounded when she mentioned Father, she did not sound as unhappy as before. Why do I feel like they…?”

Mu Yuchen glanced at her mysteriously as he chuckled. “Initially, I was worried that the two of them wouldn’t speak much even if they spent the whole day together, so this awkward situation needed a breakthrough. That’s why I chose to send over a poodle. On one hand, it’s like they have a new friend, and if things go well, it could become like a child to them. You know, with a child mediating between them, some situations are easier to break through. There might be some accidental effects too.”


Xi Xiaye was shocked!

This man was too smart!

Earlier, Shen Wenna’s tone had clearly implied she was treating Little Apple like a daughter and doting on her. She did not sound as annoyed with Xi Mushan too. All in all, they sounded like a normal couple now!

Xi Xiaye set her glass of water aside and could not help but get up. She put her arms around Mu Yuchen’s shoulders and excitedly hugged him before tipping her toes to kiss his slightly cold lips.

“All businessmen are evil. Mr. Mu, I admire you so much! You’re extremely wise and clever! How did you come up with such a good idea? I’m so happy! So happy!”

Xiaye was now kissing and hugging Mu Yuchen all over. Her passion was emblazoned like fire across her beautiful face that had a dazzling smile. He rarely saw her this happy!




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