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( Little Apple (2)

When he said this, Xi Xiaye immediately rolled her eyes. Her expression was filled with disdain.

Xiaye squinted and stared at the side profile of his handsome face as she spoke with a frown, “You really talk shop all the time, Mr. Mu. I notice that no matter where and when, you never forget to exhibit your innate nature as an unscrupulous businessman. How did I fancy someone like you? You aren’t sincere at all. Your thought process is so dangerous.”

“What a heartless woman! I sacrificed myself to prop up your image of a gentle and filial wife, yet I’ve never heard you say a word of gratitude to me.” Mu Yuchen glared at her unhappily.

He was telling the truth. Ever since he married her, he had been slowly caring more about the Mu family too. He constantly brought things home, such as Zhuang Shurong’s accessories and nutritional supplements, and some healthy products for Wang Hui, but these were all done in Xi Xiaye’s name. After all, women have always been more meticulous about these things.

The little woman simply had a low EQ, but she was quite filial which made him satisfied.

Actually, previously, he had been quite worried that she would have trouble interacting with his mother, Zhuang Shurong, so he did tell her that if it did not work out, they should just communicate less. Unexpectedly, Zhuang Shurong was actually quite happy with her. In this period of time that she was pregnant, she would always be worried and brew soup to bring over before she went over to the court.

Zhuang Shurong was a firm person who conducted herself stiffly and solemnly. Even though she was his mother, they were not very close.

“Hey, Mr. Mu, I keep feeling like you don’t quite like to speak at home, especially with your parents. You’re always so courteous. Why is that?” she could not help but ask as she reached out to hold his wrist and gaze quietly at him.

“I don’t know what I can talk about to them since we have different fields of work, and my parents’ work is of a sensitive nature. Since I was young, they have been busy with work. They always left early and returned late. When they did return, I was mostly already asleep. After that, I was sent away to study, so we communicated even less. As a result, it’s hard not to be distant, but I know they’re very caring about me.” As Mu Yuchen said this, his dark eyes became faintly distant with memory.

She then sighed softly, and suddenly caressed her belly. She thought about it before responding softly, “Then, next time, we must raise our own child. We can’t let them be distant from us.”

“I have no comments about that. The key to raising an obedient child is to bear those torments.”

“Don’t I have you too? Do you think it’s easy to be a father?” She suddenly shot him an odd look, stunning him. For some reason, he suddenly had a bad feeling that his future days might not be that laidback.

When they returned to the Mu residence, the sky had darkened. Dinner was already ready, so the whole family sat together harmoniously and happily enjoyed a sumptuous dinner.

Unfortunately, Xi Xiaye’s stomach was still reacting quite badly. She could only muster a few bites of food before she rushed to the toilet with a hand over her mouth while Mu Yuchen followed after her as always. Wang Hui and Zhuang Shurong could not help but shake their heads and smile.

Xi Xiaye had been foul-tempered recently too. She felt so miserable from the torment and could not help but whine to Mr. Mu, or just be mad at nothing. Sometimes, she would find Mr. Mu annoying, just like how he was being right now.

After an intense round of vomiting, she washed her face and took the towel he handed her to wipe her face. “Move aside. You’re blocking me!”

Mr. Mu moved half a step and stood behind her. He asked in concern, “Tomorrow, we’ll go see if the doctor has any way of making things better. It can’t go on like this.”

She dry heaved again, and then complained unhappily, “It’s all because of you.”

Mu Yuchen did not say anything. He just frowned and stared at her belly. When this little thing came out, just watch how he settled it!

“What’s with that look of yours? Are you treating my child with disdain?”

“How could I? You’re giving birth to our child. I’ll definitely like him or her,” he quickly explained.

“I feel miserable, Mr. Mu…” Another round of bile rose in her throat, and she went through the torment again, looking at him pitifully.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault that you are becoming more and more delicate.” He took out a small packet of biscuits from his pocket and opened it for her.

She sighed and took it. Curiously, she did not know when he began to keep such things in his pocket.

As he watched her nibble on the biscuit, he swiftly took her hands together as he took a towel from the side and wrung it dry before wiping her face for her. “Okay, no more dinner. I’ll cook some shredded chicken porridge for you. We’ll rest here tonight. Don’t feel so sick anymore. Go sit on the sofa.”

She nodded, sighed, and then let him guide her out.

The couple could not finish the meal. After he helped Xi Xiaye to sit on the sofa in the living room, Mu Yuchen went straight to the kitchen and started to work. Zhuang Shurong was worried, so she set aside her chopsticks and went to the kitchen too.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine after her health has stabilized. Is it really quite bad right now? You look like you’ve lost weight.” Zhuang Shurong looked at her own son get busy at the chopping board, and could not help but laugh gently.

“Aren’t her reactions a little overboard? Mother, were you like this too?” Mu Yuchen rarely asked Zhuang Shurong such a personal question, but he turned to look at her.

Zhuang Shurong broke a small piece of ginger apart and washed it as she said, “Mmm, when I had you, I tormented your father like this too, but your father wasn’t as considerate as you are right now. Xiaye’s gone through a lot these past few years. Given the way her parents are, since you’ve married her, you’ll have to treat her better. Your grandparents have a good eye. She’s really suitable for you.”

“Father said that too,” Mu Yuchen replied calmly, and then continued to work with his head down.

“Your father feels the same. That’s why he said the same thing. A marriage that can return to tranquility after wearing things out is a marriage that’s the most suitable for you. The two of you are still young. Look at your father and I. Aren’t we still wearing each other out? Nonetheless, your father is really good to me. You must know that a woman doesn’t want much. As long as her husband trusts her, dotes on her, and treats her well, she’ll stick with you loyally for a lifetime.”

When Zhuang Shurong said this, her tone was faintly gentle. “I feel lucky that personality-wise, you’ve taken on your father and I. You are a rational and responsible man, and you aren’t like those children from rich families that act poorly while Xiaye is the same. I’m very pleased with her"




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