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(Little Apple (1)

“Director Xi, this the amended proposal from the Administrative Department. Please have a look.” The secretary handed a document to Xi Xiaye who was reading through another document.

As Xi Xiaye listened, she stopped what she was doing and abruptly looked up. She took the document and flipped through it for a while. Then, she looked up at the secretary. “This needs to be personally reviewed by Chairman Mu. Go down first. When Chairman Mu gets back, I’ll let him know.”

The secretary nodded. “Right, Director Xi, Manager Xu from the Commerce Department is outside. It seems urgent.”

“Let him in.”

“Alright,” answered the secretary before departing. After a while, Manager Xu came in. He looked like a capable middle-aged man.

“Director Xi!”

“What is it? Weren’t you going to go over to Wang Corporation to discuss the new retail product?” Xi Xiaye looked at the man before her in confusion.

“They’re asking for 12 percentage points, which is 1.5 percent more than we expected, so we returned to ask for Chairman Mu’s opinion.”

“Call for an appointment with Mr. Zhang from Rui Feng Corporation. Someone else will do it if he won’t. If they cross our bottom line, forget about the discussion. It’s not like we’re begging Wang Corporation for the retail opportunity,” Xi Xiaye said indifferently.

Manager Xu nodded. They were familiar with Director Xi’s temper when she discussed matters. However, it was because of that that many people were used to being frank when talking with her. She was quite similar to Chairman Mu in this aspect. It was no wonder they were husband and wife.

After Manager Xu received his orders, he quickly left while Xi Xiaye continued to go through the documents which were market research and some progress reports for the South River project.

She continued to be busy until the afternoon, and Mu Yuchen did not come back for lunch either. When it was noon, he called to say he had a social gathering to attend. After telling him not to drink so much, she then hung up.

It was the Mid-Autumn festival the day after tomorrow, and it was just in time for the holidays. They would begin their off-days tomorrow, and there were many things that needed to be arranged. Xi Xiaye was not idle either. She worked arduously to respond to all the documents that she could take authority of and left the rest to him.

Later in the afternoon, Mu Lingshi came over. Xi Xiaye was about to walk around the New Era Plaza, so it was a pleasant coincidence that they could accompany each other. Ji Zitong and the other two bodyguards followed them closely.

Mu Lingshi chose two outfits for Ah Mo while Xi Xiaye got some for Shen Yue too. The two bodyguards that followed behind them had their hands full of bags.

“Sis-in-law, do you want to buy one or two for my brother? Even though he has enough to wear, if you buy it for him, I’m sure he’ll like it.”

She thought about it before deciding to choose a few shirts and ties for her husband. After that, she went to a nearby cafè with Mu Lingshi for tea. They had just finished when Mu Yuchen drove over to pick her up.

In front of the restaurant, Mu Lingshi looked amusedly at the way Mu Yuchen was so worried. “Bro, you don’t actually have to come to pick her up yourself. Sis-in-law and I will go back together.”

As he fixed Xi Xiaye’s collar, he caressed her hair gently. “Grandmother just called to urge you and Ah Mo to return quickly. You two go back first. I want to walk around with your sis-in-law for a bit.”

Mu Lingshi shrugged while a faint smile flashed across her face. “I know that you’re just finding me annoying. Okay then, we’ll go back first. It’s not that early anymore. You two should finish shopping soon and get home quickly. Otherwise, Grandmother and the rest are going to nag you again,” she said before leaving with Ah Mo.

Xi Xiaye did not say anything. She just smiled and watched as Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo gradually went away. After a long while, she glanced up at the man beside her. “Look at how their shadows seem to be more and more in harmony. I keep feeling like we’re going to be receiving good news soon.”

“It’d be great if they can get over that barrier. Let’s go. I’ll take you around. Otherwise, you’ll complain about how I don’t go shopping with you.” Mu Yuchen promptly averted his gaze and tugged on her hand to walk along the pathway.

After that, Xiaye realized what this man’s so-called idea of shopping was. As long as her gaze rested for more than three seconds on a certain item, he would buy it immediately without a second thought. Xi Xiaye dared not continue walking after they covered a third of the mall.

After that, he looked around and pulled her into a nearby jewelry store.

“I have a lot of accessories that I haven’t used. Let’s not shop anymore.” She let him slide a large diamond right onto her finger as she turned to cover her face bashfully.

She did not dare go out with him anymore. A few of the customers beside had begun to take their phones out and were recording them. With the way things were going, it looked like there was going to be an exposè on Weibo soon.

“Didn’t you say that the diamond ring is too small? Now that I’m letting you choose, why aren’t you appreciating my kindness? Mmm, this one’s not bad. Take a look. Are you happy with it? The other one earlier was quite good too. Hmm, these two then, and this one. Pack all of them up, please.”

Then, before Xiaye could answer, he pushed all of the diamond rings to the attendant who was so delighted that she almost could not believe her ears. Nonetheless, from the way this husband and wife seemed, they appeared to be a loaded couple, so she dared not be doubtful about Mu Yuchen’s words.

On the way as they rushed back to the old Mu residence, Xi Xiaye, who sat shotgun, kept staring at her diamond ring that he helped her put on. She could not help but giggle. “Mr. Mu, this is my first time wearing such an expensive item. Doesn’t it look quite nice?”

Then, she waved her hand again.

The man turned to look at her from the driver’s seat. Seeing the heartwarming and delighted smile on her face, he felt his heart soften exceptionally.

She was already this contented with just one or two diamond rings. What an easy person to satisfy!

“Your hand is pretty, so you look nice wearing anything. But, Missus, you don’t seem to know what’s what. The more expensive one is the smaller one,” he teased as he was in a rare jovial mood.

Xi Xiaye shrugged. She stared at it for quite a while, then nodded. “Wedding rings are worthier of a second look. I’ll give this one to Mother then since our sizes are about the same and she quite likes wearing accessories.”

He shot her a look and chuckled softly. “So eager to please your mother-in-law?”

“What do you mean by eager to please my mother-in-law? You’re their son, but I’ve never seen you buy any presents for them. They raised you for nothing. Be careful that your child might treat you the same way!” As she said this, she shot him a scowl.

He laughed out softly when he heard this. Then, he stretched his arms and held her around the shoulders before letting her lean on his shoulder. “Aren’t I giving you a chance to perform then? When she sees what a useless son I am, she’ll think about how caring you are. This is the strategy. Do you understand?”




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