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( Labor (4)

While they sped straight towards Hospital T, Xi Xinyi was in great agony. She grabbed onto Han Yifeng as she cried and shouted.

Huang Ziyao had a complicated expression on her face.

Han Yifeng sat still inside the car while he held onto Xi Xinyi’s shoulders and barely controlled her painful struggles. Her face turned extremely pale as both of her hands clutched Han Yifeng’s clothes desperately and her voice became hoarse.

At that moment, his cold expression softened slightly.

He heard that women would go through an insane amount of pain during this phase, but he never expected it to be this horrible. No matter how much he hated Xi Xinyi, she was bearing his child, who was innocent. Above all, he wanted the child to be delivered safely.

He rested his arms around her and hugged her firmly as he spoke to the chauffeur, “Go faster!”

“Yes, CEO Han!” the chauffeur gave a brief reply before he sped up the car.

They arrived at the hospital half an hour later. Xi Xinyi was in extreme pain and she felt like she was on the verge of dying. Finally, she was wheeled into the operating theatre. The child was probably going to be delivered sooner than expected!

Huang Ziyao and Han Yifeng waited outside the operating room. Yue Lingsi was playing mahjong when she received the news, and she quickly rushed over as well.

Yue Lingsi had transformed into another person in just a few months. She exuded the vibe of a gambling addict. Not only did she start smoking, but her choices of words also became extremely vulgar as well. She started scolding Han Yifeng the moment she saw him. Before pushing her away, he shot her a disgusted stare.

“Go away! I don’t want to argue with you.” Han Yifeng’s attitude was cold and he did not hide the loathing in his voice.

Yue Lingsi had given herself up. She went out every day to play mahjong besides drinking and smoking. He had heard her scolding Shen Wenna and Xi Xiaye several times before with very foul language. She also frequently argued with Xi Xinyi and even took a lot of money from him to gamble in the casino, racking up a substantial amount of debt now. Secretary Wang informed him that debt collectors came to the house to ask for money, leading to Xi Xinyi having a big fight with her about this.

“Don’t you want to argue with me? If something happens to my daughter, I’ll never forgive you!” Yue Lingsi pointed her finger at Han Yifeng accusingly. “I never knew you could be such a heartless person. No matter what she did to those two witches, she did it all for you. Anyone can criticize her but you! She genuinely loves you, and she’s never betrayed you all these years, yet you’re treating her like this while she’s bearing your child!”

“She has never betrayed me? You sound very certain, but even Xi Xinyi herself never made that claim. Why do you act like you know everything when you’re just an outsider? The reason Xi Xinyi is going through all these now is that she has a mother like you!” Han Yifeng finally found somewhere to direct his anger. He aimed it right at Yue Lingsi’s weak spot!

“Alright, stop arguing in the hospital! We’ll wait and see how’s Xinyi doing later!” Huang Ziyao stopped them as she felt rather embarrassed by Yue Lingsi’s attitude.

Han Yifeng was her son. Even she rarely scolded him. Who did she think she was to scold her son like that?

Huang Ziyao glanced at Yue Lingsi and said coldly, “If you still care about your daughter, then stop causing trouble for her. Your reputation is already at its worst. If people know that debt collectors are at the door, what would people think of Yifeng? What would people think of the Han family? We’re really unfortunate to be related to both you and your daughter. Can you please stop messing things up?” She was straightforward.

“What do you mean?” Yue Lingsi was not stupid. It was obvious that she was looking down on her.

“You know very well what I mean. Your scandal hasn’t died out yet, so stop causing trouble, will you?” Huang Ziyao spoke coldly.

Yue Lingsi’s expression darkened as she looked at Huang Ziyao. As she clenched her fist and was about to lash out at her, the door of the operating theatre opened. The doctor and nurses came out with Xi Xinyi.

Huang Ziyao looked at the doctor nervously. “Doctor, has she delivered? Is it a boy or a girl? How’s my daughter?”

Yue Lingsi forced her way inside and glanced at the weak-looking Xi Xinyi, feeling sorry for her daughter.

“They are both safe. Congratulations! Although it’s a little earlier than expected, the boy is healthy, so don’t worry.” The doctor smiled warmly at them.

Huang Ziyao and Yue Lingsi were relieved.

A boy!


The elder must be very happy!

Yue Lingsi was glad. Xi Xinyi would be able to secure her place in the Han family now that she had given birth to a boy. The Han family only had one descendant, so this boy would surely be the main attention of the family from now on. This child might create a chance for Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi to fix their relationship!

Nevertheless, it was great that the child was safely delivered!

Han Yifeng did not show any expression on his face, but his quiet eyes softened slightly, especially when Huang Ziyao held his child close to him.

“Yifeng, take a look at your son. He looks just like you when you were little.” Huang Ziyao was thrilled as she went towards Han Yifeng. “Do you want to hold him?”

Han Yifeng was startled. He lowered his head and looked at the child in Huang Ziyao’s arms. What a tiny thing! His face was all wrinkled and he could hardly see any resemblance. How did she know the child looked like him?

He was afraid to hold the child because he was so small and fragile, so he just looked at him carefully. In truth, he was thrilled to be a father too.

“Alright, both child and mother need some rest. Send the patient back to the room. The nurse will inform you if there’s anything to be cautious about,” the doctor reminded them with a smile.

“Okay!” Huang Ziyao handed the child back to the nurse.




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