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(Labor (3)

As Xi Xinyi shouted at him, her suppressed anger in the past few months burst out all at once.

“Shut up! You should be glad that Grandfather helped you. Otherwise, I would’ve never agreed to let this child survive. The child will never find happiness having a wicked mother like you. He’ll only become as disgusting as you!” Han Yifeng clenched his necktie tightly as he shot Xi Xinyi a cold stare. His expression was like the sky right before a huge storm. It was dark and frightening.

However, Xi Xinyi was unfazed. She smiled after Han Yifeng expressed his anger. It was a cold, bitter smile.

Han Yifeng never knew that a woman could become like this. The more Xi Xinyi’s real self was gradually revealed before him, the stupider he felt. While sleeping on the same bed as her for so many years, he had no idea that beautiful face of hers hid such an ugly personality.

“I’m the real treasure of the Xi family. Xi Xiaye totally lost to me. She thought she was a princess and tried to pity others. She’s such an idiot! Who needs her sympathy? Back then, when she was holding hands with Shen Wenna and Father, she told me they are her parents. At that time, hatred welled up inside me, and when she told me you’re her fiancè, I tried my best to be better, to be pretty, to be nice. I wanted everyone’s attention, so I did all that for the sake of giving a big slap in her face. I wanted her to know what a real princess is like.”

Xi Xinyi laughed. “It only proves that she could never stand before me! Everything she had has become mine, even you, Han Yifeng, who was once her fiancè! You’ve also fallen head over heels for me! You’ve abandoned her! Who could be even more disgusting than you?”

She looked like a proud hen flapping her wings as she spoke with pride while touching her belly. “Xi Xiaye thought she could trump me by getting together with Mu Yuchen. Unfortunately, I can still come back. Let me tell you, Han Yifeng. The child inside me is a boy, so the elders must be very pleased, especially given how much they are longing for a great-grandchild. As long as I disagree, you can never divorce me. If the Han family tries to bring this to court, I have the Yue family backing me up!”

Han Yifeng’s expression turned icy as he went up to her and grabbed her wrist. His grip almost snapped her hand off, making her cry out loud.

“Do you think your current self can compare to her? I never knew that you’ve become such a twisted person because of jealousy. The Xi family doesn’t exist anymore. You and your mother have been chased out of the Xis. I’m just taking pity on the both of you and letting you stay at my place! The West Park belongs to Xi Xiaye now, and she’s even the lady boss of Glory World. Who are you to compete with that? Your past glory? Your identity as the scorned daughter? Where does your confidence come from? If you’re that capable, why don’t you try taking Mu Yuchen away from her too?”

Han Yifeng gave her a mocking laugh. “You didn’t even realize what you’ve done wrong. Xi Xinyi, you’re a really disgusting woman, the worst of the worst! How terrifying! How could I have shared the same bed with you all these years?”

As Han Yifeng tightened his grip, Xi Xinyi yelled in pain. “Ah!”

When Mu Yuchen’s name was mentioned, Xi Xinyi trembled! How could she have forgotten Mu Yuchen… and the photos he had!?

“Let go of me! It’s futile for you to be angry. I have my whole life to spend with you, Han Yifeng. I’ll never let you abandon me, and I’ll make sure Xi Xiaye doesn’t get it easy as well. Ah!”

“Get lost!” Han Yifeng was enraged. He flung Xi Xinyi’s hand away and spun around coldly. He did not want to stay near this woman any second longer!

As Han Yifeng just took several steps away, Xi Xinyi rushed up to him. “Stop, Yifeng! Don’t go! I don’t mean what I said, Yifeng!” She noticed that she had gone out of control and made the situation worse!

She did not understand it herself. She wanted to have a good talk with him and would do anything as long as he was willing to change his mind and be with her again, but every time he mentioned the name “Xi Xiaye”, she could not contain the wrath inside her. Her anger would just explode outwards!

Han Yifeng chuckled coldly when he felt her rushing towards him from the back. Deftly, he moved away without even looking and avoided her!

Her touch felt absolutely revolting!

Xi Xinyi was rushing towards him at full speed. While she aimed to grab Han Yifeng’s shoulder, as he avoided her, she could not stop and continued to plunge forward. To her horror, her stomach rammed into a coffee table corner!


“What happened?”

Huang Ziyao had heard some loud noises upstairs and went to take a look. When she came into the room, she saw Han Yifeng standing aside coldly while Xi Xinyi was on the floor moaning in pain as she embraced her belly!

“What happened, Yifeng?”

Xi Xinyi’s face turned pale all of a sudden. Huang Ziyao’s expression changed and she rushed towards her to help her get up, but Xi Xinyi let out another scream again. “Mother… It’s painful… Very painful!”

Huang Ziyao gazed down and saw a smidge of blood on the carpet. Her expression changed to one of terror and then she yelled at Han Yifeng, “This is bad! Yifeng, send her to the hospital now! Hurry!”

Han Yifeng turned around to see that Xi Xinyi’s white dress had turned crimson now. She was moaning painfully as she gave him a weak and distressed look. His expression changed as well. After struggling for a moment, he took a deep breath and calmed himself down before he carried Xi Xinyi and rushed outside.




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