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( Labor (2)

Despite the sun being high up in the sky, the surrounding atmosphere was chilly.

Han Yifeng felt that his head weighed a ton as the bitter cold embraced him. He tried to open his eyes and saw a gentle light.

The door to the balcony was open, allowing the cool wind to breeze through as the curtains danced.

This place…

Was it not his old villa?

How did he end up here?

His headache felt worse as he sat up. He glanced around the room and soon noticed Xi Xinyi sitting on the sofa opposite him!

Her baby bump was huge now as her estimated labor date drew near. She had been resting at home lately while Huang Ziyao sent people over to take care of her. Although she visited frequently as well, Han Yifeng rarely dropped by.

First off, he did not want to argue with her. Secondly, he did not want to see her either. That would only reopen his wounds again, and he did not want to get hurt anymore.

Xi Xinyi’s eyes were red while she seemed depressed and exhausted. From her dry and lifeless eyes, it was obvious that she had been up for the whole night

Han Yifeng sat up while his usual calmness returned to him as he acted coldly. He glanced at Xi Xinyi without saying anything before going straight to the washroom.

He did not want to ask why was he there. Apart from that, he also did not want to know what happened because he realized he had nothing to say when he faced her.

“You were drunk. Secretary Wang and I carried you back here. You got a high fever late at night. Plus, you’ve been calling her name all night long.” Xi Xinyi’s dry and pained voice came from the back.

Han Yifeng took a pause but it did not stop him from moving as he continued towards the washroom.

The door closed followed by the sound of water splashing from inside.

After what felt like an eternity, Han Yifeng came out after he put on a shower robe. He walked past the living room as if he did not see Xi Xinyi, and went into the bedroom to change into a clean outfit.

Xi Xinyi pushed the door and went in. When she saw him tying his necktie in front of the mirror, she went over and was about to help him with it. However, Han Yifeng avoided her and growled at her coldly, “Don’t touch me!”

“Yifeng!” Xi Xinyi stared at Han Yifeng blankly as she felt bitter inside. “I never knew that you hated me to this extent, Han Yifeng. I dare say no one is as cruel as you. No one!”

“We’ve had so many good memories together. Have you forgotten them all? Right on this bed, you told me that you’d love me forever, that you’d support me no matter what I do, and that you’d be deeply in love with me forever! Have you forgotten all of that? Have you! You called her name all night long. You hated her the most. How did you become like this, Yifeng?”

Xi Xinyi was heartbroken. She thought if she put in more effort, things would return to how they were before, and he would change his mind and go back to her side. They had had so many unforgettable memories, so they still had something pleasant to share with each other. Moreover, she was bearing his child, so their relationship could never be broken off and he would eventually come back to her.

However, it seemed that not only was he not coming back, but he was also moving further and further away. He seemed to have gone so far that she almost lost sight of him.

In the past few months, she never saw him more than three times, but he did not care at all. She only saw him during her visit to the Han family when he had gone back to take a look at the sickly Elder Han even though he seemed reluctant to.

Because of her, his relationship with Elder Han, Han Yu, and Huang Ziyao worsened. Huang Ziyao would sometimes rant to her. While she did not specify anyone, Xi Xinyi was not that dumb that she did not realize she was indirectly blaming her.

She was having a hard time as well. She had to take on all of this alone with no one by her side and could only endure it quietly. She thought she would at least be able to rant to him when she saw him just like old times, hopefully, to get a little bit of comfort from him, but the only thing she heard from him was Xi Xiaye’s name all night long!

Who was that witch Xi Xiaye?

She was just a lowly insect that almost got destroyed by Xi Xinyi. She was nowhere near her, but she always acted cool and arrogant like her mother. Han Yifeng had hated her back then and even wished for her to disappear before his eyes.

How did the tables turn so suddenly?

Was it karma?

“If I treat a toxic and wicked woman like you nicely forever, I’m afraid that you’ll still trick me and fool me like a stupid toy even after I’ve gone to hell. You really played with me like a doll. Have you been at it so long that you’ve lost your mind? You’re the most ludicrous and disgusting woman I’ve ever seen!” Han Yifeng’s voice was filled with anger and frustration.

“But you’re the one who’s in love with me! We’ve had lots of fun together and you even got me pregnant! If I’m disgusting, aren’t you worse? Within me lies your child! What now? Do you feel ridiculed?”

Xi Xinyi could not take it anymore after hearing the harsh words come from him. She stared at him coldly and put on a bitter smile. “You can try to abandon me all you want, but I’m telling you that it’s impossible! If I’m disgusting, you’re worse! I’m going to give birth to this child and remind you about our past forever! Just like how that witch’s mother Shen Wenna could not take Father away from my mother back then! My mom eventually became Mrs. Xi for over 20 years, and that old witch had to stay alone for two whole decades. Ha, what did she get?”




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