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The car drove slowly towards Glory World Corporation as a light autumn breeze engulfed it.

It was already entering the autumn season, and the clean flowerbeds on both sides of the road had a few blossoming stalks of chrysanthemums. The faint fragrance of chrysanthemums in the air made one feel carefree and relaxed.

The chauffeur in front steadily parked the car by the roadside before the entrance of Glory World Corporation. Xi Xiaye quickly pushed the car door open and was going to get down, yet just as the door was unlocked, the man inside suddenly said, “Bring your coat along.”

Then, without waiting for her to react, he put it onto her shoulders since it was still a little cool in the morning.

Xi Xiaye did not reject his gesture either. She just fixed the collar and took her briefcase as she turned to him. “When you’re on the back, can you get me some walnut cookies from the Yao family shop? Mmm, bring back a few more boxes too. Make sure you get the ones that are fresh from the oven. Tonight, we’ll be going back to the old residence. Grandmother and Mother enjoy those pastries.”

“The Yao family shop? The one in along the South River Bridge in Qiaodong?” he asked.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mmm, that’s the one. Go earlier. Otherwise, they’ll be sold out. There are so many people who want them.”

He now remembered that the last time, Li Si had lined up for a very long time to buy them. She did like to eat those.

“Mmm, got it. Go up now.” He pushed open the car door for her and sent her out. After he watched her figure vanish through the door, he got back into the car.

Mu Yuchen had just gotten into the car when the front passenger door opened. Ah Mo got in swiftly. “Master!”

“Your sis-in-law says she wants to make a trip home to the old residence today. Call Lingshi and tell her to come back. We’ll see about arranging the festival at home.”

Mu Yuchen obviously understood what Xi Xiaye implied. He felt that she was more meticulous about the old residence than he was.

Perhaps, it was because all these years he had been wandering abroad, due to the distance, he did not miss his family much, so he did not seem to feel that strongly about these holidays. Instead, when it came to her, she would pay some mind to every festival.

“Yes, Master!” Ah Mo responded and called Mu Lingshi right away. He explained the situation simply before hanging up.

“Right, Master, I’ve found out about Lu Xinlan’s condition from the hospital. Her heart is failing, and she won’t make it past one or two months. She probably knew about her condition. That was why she rushed back from abroad this time. She just wanted to return home at her ripe, old age,” spoke Ah Mo in a heavy tone.

Mu Yuchen’s expression was extremely calm, so one could not read his emotions. “Do Qi Qiming and Wang Qin know?”

Ah Mo thought about it, then said, “I’ve revealed the news to the media. I’m sure they know by now, but Wang Qin is very rational. She would just be secretly happy at the most. It wouldn’t be easy to force her to make a move.”

Mu Yuchen obviously agreed with Ah Mo. Wang Qin could not be underestimated. As someone who could contend with the despicable and sly fox, Qi Qiming, and even have the upper hand, this woman was considered a legend in the business world. She had the guts and the drive. Even the media sang praises about her. She was on the same level as Zhuang Shurong.

“She doesn’t need to lift a finger. She just needs to rile Qi Qiming up. I do quite admire this woman’s tricks,” Mu Yuchen answered calmly.

Ah Mo nodded and sighed. “Yeah, if she and Qi Qiming join hands to leave peacefully, Qi Kai’s future would be beyond measure. It would be normal if they became on par with Glory World. However, she’s really going all out for Qi Lei, who, sadly, doesn’t care. Just because of Gu Lingsha, all these years she’s been protecting Qi Lei well. He was so into Gu Lingsha years ago, yet Wang Qin… I wonder if they have reconciled now. We don’t have any grudges with Wang Qin, so if Qi Qiming and the unfathomable Qi Feng want to go against us, we can definitely join hands with her. In fact, I think she would be very glad to!”

Clearly, Ah Mo had been mulling over this for a while before he expressed all this.

However, just as he said this, Mu Yuchen frowned slightly as he contemplated for a while without answering. Ah Mo hesitated momentarily before continuing, “Master, do you not agree?”

Then, Mu Yuchen sighed slightly and pulled his gaze back from outside the window and silently met Ah Mo’s eyes. “That’s not a bad idea. There aren’t eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. It’d definitely be a good thing if we can have Wang Qin on our side, but how can you guarantee that she wouldn’t think we have ulterior motives? In fact, Ah Mo, don’t forget that there’s also the Gu family that still won’t show their faces. Only Mr. Lee from City B has had some interactions with them. They’ve kept a low profile all these years too. Everyone isn’t sure what exactly they’ve been up to. To me, the Gu family has the real trick up their sleeves, so we have to be on guard. Before I can tell what the Gu family and Qi Qiming’s motives are, it’s best if we don’t act blindly.”

When Mu Yuchen finished, Ah Mo’s expression turned solemn. He then sighed deeply as a few beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He said apologetically, “Master, I’ve overlooked!”

“For now, let’s ensure that Wang Qin and Qi Lei are behaving steadily. Watch their patterns of moving in and out of the country.”

“Yes, Master! Oh, right, Gu Lingsha is in London these few days. There’ll still be some time before she returns to the country. I’ve seen their itinerary, so her next stop should be Singapore. I’ve been following her tracks, but I didn’t find any traces of Qi Feng. I’ve checked all the registration records at the Los Angeles hospitals from five years ago, but I didn’t find any records of them being sent to the hospital.”

As Ah Mo said this, he could not help but feel at a loss. All these years, they had been quite thorough, thus he really did not understand how they could not find even a trace of them. Qi Qiming was quite capable to be able to hide a person without any word getting out at all!

Even Wang Qin, who slept beside him, could not get anything from him.

“If he really wants to get Qi Kai, he’ll definitely have to show up. I can still afford to wait. The one living in the dark might not have as much patience as me. Let’s just wait,” Mu Yuchen spoke nonchalantly. Apparently, he was not troubled by this matter as he was calm.

Then, Ah Mo nodded.

“Withdraw those people watching Lu Xinlan, and just watch who’s been entering her ward. Tomorrow, I’ll personally visit her.”

“Master, if we withdraw them, what if…?” Ah Mo was hesitant.

“If we don’t get them to retreat, how is Qi Qiming going to show up? Do I need to teach you what to do?” Mu Yuchen frowned slightly.

Quickly, Ah Mo understood and nodded. “Master, I got it! I’ll arrange that immediately!”




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