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(Jealousy (2)

He overheard everything that Su Nan said earlier.

So, Han Yifeng was drunk? He had even been thinking about Xi Xiaye endlessly. Any other man would be fuming too, what more Mr. Mu who had spent a lot of effort squeezing his way into Xiaye’s heart.

“She wouldn’t play any tricks,” Mu Yuchen said emotionlessly, then hung up. His handsome face vaguely darkened.

Xi Xiaye quickly tugged at him and frowned. “Don’t be angry. Su Nan didn’t have ill intentions. Don’t be so mean to her. She just wanted to warn me.”

When she finished, Mu Yuchen just shot her a glare. Upon seeing her hand grip onto him tightly, his expression softened quite a bit. He did not say anything and just silently poured her a glass of milk while Xi Xiaye just stared at him. After a long while, when she saw that he had no plans of saying anything, she lowered her gaze.

“Petty,” she muttered softly as she lowered her head and took the milk that he handed her.

When he heard that, he immediately swiveled to look at her. His intent gaze could really startle someone. “You’re quite enjoying your high market value, are you?”

“How would I dare?! That gaze of yours can kill me!” She shot him a look and dared not get closer to his rage, so she curled up and silently drank her milk with her head lowered.

“He knows you’re a good woman now, eh? When did his judgment experience such a major improvement? No wonder the last time he even talked about being willing to turn back time. Has he suddenly come to his senses?” Mr. Mu’s current tone was clearly sharp and unkind. “These kind of people are the most unreliable. Ignore him. I can’t stand him as a man either. Hey, what’s with this glare of yours? I’m not being petty or jealous. I’m just debating the facts with you, teaching you how to judge people.”

“I didn’t say you were jealous, but you said it yourself!” She lowered her voice and then smiled drily through pursed lips. “In fact, just let his woman like him. I understand that like repels like.”

“Are you being sharp-tongued now? You’re really getting more and more daring, hmm? Haven’t you always listened quietly when I spoke?” Mu Yuchen’s hands reached over to slice the food on her plate.

“I didn’t do anything bad. I’m just debating the facts as well to make sure there’s no knot in your heart. I even praised you for being a gentleman before.”

“Am I supposed to be a gentleman about this? Enough. Quickly finish your breakfast. It’s long past working hours, and I have to make a trip to the government office at 10. I’ll send you to work first.”

She stopped what she was doing and asked, puzzled, “Is it about the South River project? The work progress has been going quite well recently.”

“Mmm, there are some things I need to discuss with them. You don’t have to worry about this. Just stay in the office and settle those data for me.”

Since he said so, she could not be bothered with worrying. Recently, she could really push everything to him. Even the materials that Grandpa had told Lan Zilang to send over so that she could get familiarize with them was pushed to him, so he had really been quite busy recently. She was quite worried by this sight of him too. Then, she took those materials back and familiarized herself with them.

At this moment, Ji Zitong was also delayed and had yet to reach work.

On the side of the sofa in the living room, Su Chen put the paper that Ji Zitong had signed away with spirited ease and delight. He looked down at her. Despite her appearing rather frigid while she repressed her anger, he smiled coldly. “Do you think I was a military instructor for nothing? Can’t I handle a little woman like you?”

“You’re really despicable! You’re thoroughly the pinnacle of trash among men!”

Ji Zitong endured the pain all over her body as she lifted a hand to wipe the blood on the corner of her lips away as she stared fiercely at Su Chen.

Su Chen shrugged nonchalantly. He was a man and never cared less to be petty with a woman. Furthermore, he was even lazier to debate, so he waved the paper between his fingers and said, “You can curse me in your heart, but don’t let me hear it and I won’t care. See that bag of things by the door? You dirtied my clothes with your puke, so I want you to wash it spotless before sending it back. Of course, I don’t mind it if you were to buy me a new set of clothes, but this set isn’t cheap. If you think you’ve got a lot to spend, then you can burn it. I’ll be very happy that I have something new to wear. Also, last night you went crazy drunk and beat me up like this. I’m warning you, I won’t be petty with the medical fees. I want you to write me a 50,000-word self-criticism letter as an apology. It must be handwritten. Otherwise, this letter of guarantee and your face will go viral on the Internet. If anything bad happens then, don’t blame me for being an unreasonable instructor!”

When Su Chen thought about what happened before, he seethed with anger. This woman was too arrogant. If it were not for the fact that she was a woman, he would have settled her by now! He would not have talked so politely!

When Ji Zitong saw his delighted and righteous expression lecturing her, she wanted to fling a punch at him!

“Don’t be unhappy. You’re just like how you were with such poor self-awareness. Years ago, I really messed with you quite badly. If it weren’t for Instructor Mu’s quick wits, I probably would’ve ended up as you wished, but Cadet Ji Zitong, as an instructor, I was just carrying out my duty. You must self-reflect and apologize for what you did, understand?” Su Chen sneered with a hostile expression.

“Huh, you keep saying that you were just carrying out your duty. Let me ask you then. How come Wang Jingxue could request for a leave of absence and I couldn’t? Did you know that because you didn’t let me leave, that…”

“Wang Jingxue’s old man was my superior, Commander Wang, and he gave an order. Could I have disobeyed it? Without an order from the top, I wouldn’t have let anyone off!”

“Stop pretending like you were very fair. Why don’t you just say that you were trying to curry favor with your superior?! You even pretend to be dignified about obeying a superior’s orders. Ugh, it’s disgusting to hear.” Ji Zitong shot him a look of disdain as she got up coldly.

“It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not. Whatever it is, just do as this letter of guarantee says. Otherwise, you should know that I’ve always been one to keep my word. If I don’t see that clean set of clothing next week at this time and that 50,000-word self-reflection letter as an apology, you’ll find out just how despicable I can be.”

Su Chen did not justify himself anymore. He waved the piece of paper and swiftly slid it into his pocket. He coldly showed her the door. “You can leave now!”

Ji Zitong then scoffed and wiped the blood on the corner of her lips away. She glared at him lividly before walking to the door.

“Remember to take the bag!” Su Chen’s voice came from behind.

Ji Zitong practically grabbed the bag by the door through gritted teeth before she stormed out.




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