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(Jealousy (1)

The next day, after Xi Xiaye washed up and went downstairs, the man was drinking tea on the sofa with Zhou Zimo, who had changed into a set of clean clothes. He was about the same size as Mu Yuchen, so Mu Yuchen’s clothes fit him quite well.

“Su Chen’s fine, isn’t he? How did I end up being the one who drank too much instead? Why didn’t you stop me?” Zhou Zimo sipped his tea as he looked up at Mu Yuchen who was flipping through the newspaper leisurely.

“If you really wanted to drink, could I have stopped you?” His deep voice was colored with a teasing note, yet Mu Yuchen did not even look up as he answered him directly.

Zhou Zimo shrugged. “This morning, I called Elder Su and the rest. You should find time to visit them. Sis Su misses you too. Right, when I saw Ah Mo a few days ago, I heard that they were inspecting people. It’s about Lingshi’s father, isn’t it?” As he said this, he stopped what he was doing and looked at Mu Yuchen.

“Mmm, Lingshi has been trying to find out who he is, but we don’t have many leads. Well, this is our only option and we hope that we get a clue.”

Mu Yuchen did not hide anything, yet when he talked about this, he felt a faint bitterness inside.

Zhou Zimo nodded. “I know this is an unfulfilled wish of Lingshi all these years. Even Lingtian has been trying so hard to look for answers years ago, and what about now? Do you have any leads? Did you find any matches in the DNA bank?”

Mu Yuchen hesitated for a moment, then he said to Zhou Zimo, “If I could, my hands wouldn’t be so tied up right now. You’ve got quite a wide network here too. Help me find out if there was someone named Mr. Wen in the circle around 30 years ago. This person should be someone of status, and may not be local. He’s got some kind of friendship with the famous manager, Lu Xinlan. Once you’ve got any leads, do let me know.”

“Mr. Wen? Mr. Wen?” Zhou Zimo softly muttered. He wanted to ask more, but seeing Mu Yuchen in deep thought, he decided against it. “Okay, I’ll do my best, but it’s been 30 years, so it’s quite a distant memory now. We weren’t all that old back then too. I can’t be sure that I’ll find out about anything.”

“Just do your best. I’ve been quite occupied recently.”

Work had been busy, and Fuhua needed him to personally handle matters too. At the same time, his mind was on Xiaye’s health. Clearly, he felt a little fatigued from juggling everything.

“Okay, leave it to me. You should rest well too. Look at you. You’ve really lost weight. It’s going to be the Mid-Autumn festival in two days. Let’s meet up.” Zhou Zimo patted Mu Yuchen on the shoulder.

“I’ll have to make a trip back to the old residence then. Let’s gather after that.”

Zhou Zimo glanced at the clock and saw the time. Upon seeing that it was not that early anymore, he grabbed his phone as he said, “As you wish. I’ll return to the company then since I have a morning meeting. Give me your car keys.”

Mu Yuchen pointed to the drawer on the side, and Zhou Zimo swiftly took the keys out and got up.

“Have some breakfast before you go.” Xi Xiaye just came downstairs at the same time.

“Morning! I’m rushing. Next time!” Zhou Zimo greeted cheerfully before heading out. The way he rushed out surprised Xi Xiaye a little. Meanwhile, at that moment, Mu Yuchen had already put away the newspapers and walked towards her.

Xi Xiaye watched as Zhou Zimo vanished out of the door as she muttered to herself, “He’s in such a rush. Last night, he drank so much, but he looks quite sober this morning.”

“He’s rushing for a meeting. Hungry? Have some breakfast.”

Then, he pulled her to sit down at the dining table. Sis Wang had already prepared a sumptuous breakfast.

Xi Xiaye sat down quietly. She picked up the cutlery and was about to dig in when the phone rang from the living room. Sis Wang swiftly picked it up before she said to Xi Xiaye, “Missus, a call for you. It’s Miss Su Nan!”

“Pass it to me!”

When Xi Xiaye heard that, she stopped what she was doing and reached out a hand to Sis Wang urgently. Sis Wang quickly handed the phone to her.

“Nan Nan?” Xi Xiaye’s clear voice rang out.

“Xiaye? I have something to tell you, but you’ve got to be mentally prepared.”

Su Nan’s voice sounded hesitant on the other end. Xi Xiaye thought it was weird, so she frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Nan took a deep breath, then spoke in a lowered voice, “Last night, Ruan Heng bumped into Han Yifeng at the bar. He was really drunk and almost got hit by a car when he left. Anyway, Ruan Heng dragged him to stay at a nearby hotel. Ruan Heng said that he… he kept calling out your name. After that, Xi Xinyi rushed over. I’m worried that… that woman would get up to mischief because of this. You have to watch out. Don’t let her get her way!”

As Su Nan spoke, she could not help but worry because she knew Xi Xinyi all too well.

Yet, upon hearing Su Nan, Xi Xiaye was slightly stunned. Her hand that held the phone froze in the air.

“Xiaye, what do you think Han Yifeng is trying to do? Don’t tell me that he’s regretting it and missing you now! What the hell is this? When Ruan Heng told me about this, I thought it was quite unbelievable! To be honest, I think he suits Xi Xinyi very well. They can’t be peaceful together and have to torment each other like this. I’d like to see how long they’d last! Being with a woman who isn’t what she seems is disgusting. This is the best punishment for him! Earlier, I even heard that he wanted to get a divorce from Xi Xinyi, but now, I think it’s even better to let them hate each other and wear each other out!”

When Su Nan spoke about this, she could not help but be outraged. She cursed Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi again.

“Xi Xinyi is quite delighted now. While she has the little one in her, she’s really acting recklessly. Even Han Yifeng’s mother is all over her now. A few days ago, I even bumped into them at the New Era Plaza.”

Su Nan continued to ramble on. Obviously, she could not see the mix of emotions that surfaced on Xi Xiaye’s shocked face. Initially, Xi Xiaye wanted to respond to Su Nan, yet before she could say anything, the man beside her grabbed the phone away.

“Is this Su Nan? Next time, don’t tell Xiaye anything about Han Yifeng. Got it?”

Mu Yuchen’s sudden deep voice was colored with cold hostility and silenced Su Nan. After a while, she responded apologetically, “Sorry, Master Mu. I was worried that Xi Xinyi… would think of mischief against Xiaye again.”




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