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(Enemies On A Narrow Road (4)

Her memory was a little fuzzy. She just knew that she stood still by the entrance after she came out. Then, she got uncomfortable and could not really remember anything else afterward.

She faintly had the impression that she fought with someone hard. Her fists were actually slightly hurting even now.

Her headache came back, and she took a glance at her surroundings as she felt uneasy.

There was no one else in the living room. Why was she even there?

Moreover, she was sleeping on the floor!

She ran her fingers through her messy hair and could smell a slightly foul scent. She quickly looked down at herself and noticed she was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. They were wrinkled and soiled.


A wind blew past and lifted the gray curtains while the sound of the water dripping became clear to her. For some reason, Ji Zitong suddenly got goosebumps.

She had slept on the floor in this place for the whole night!

She quickly stood up, not wanting to find out what had happened. Her first instinct was to get out of there as soon as possible!

However, she miscalculated!

She never would have guessed that from the moment she sat up, a pair of sharp eyes were observing each and every reaction of hers.

As Ji Zitong got up with her head still pounding, she detected a creepy stare from the back.

She took a deep breath and turned around to see a man before her. He was looking at her as he crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe!

The man had a large bruise on his face. Obviously, he had been beaten up badly because it was entirely swollen.

However, she could still see his face clearly, and she found him oddly familiar! She must have seen him before.

She searched through her memories and found her answer before long!

Su Chen!

She would never forget him!

He was the man who gave her the worst criticism ever as her superior officer when she participated in a special camp during her time in the army. Ji Zitong remembered that he and Mu Yuchen led the team.

She had a positive impression of Mu Yuchen. He was quiet and cool. Many other soldiers respected him, but everyone feared and loathed Su Chen!

He left a lasting impression on her because she hated him deeply!

This bastard was the one who had left a scar on her thigh, resulting in her not being able to wear short skirts anymore!

“It’s you!” Her cold voice reached Su Chen’s ears.

Su Chen finally took a good look at the woman’s face. It had been dark last night, and with her messy hair covering her face, he could not recognize her at all. After she tidied herself up a little more, he could finally see her features better.

Obviously, Su Chen remembered this woman!

This woman had been dissatisfied with his training method, so he punished her. In retaliation, she tried to pull off a trick out of spite. Fortunately, she had no idea about his relationship with Mu Yuchen. If that matter reached the higher-ups, he would have been done for!

“Ji Zitong!”

There were not many women whose name Su Chen could remember. Ji Zitong should be honored to be one of them!

Su Chen laughed instead of getting angry. What a small world!

He had planned to give this woman a lesson after the camp back then. Unfortunately, she had been transferred away, so he was unable to reach her. Otherwise, he would have given her hell!

“Long time no see, Officer Su!”

Ji Zitong’s eyes turned cold as her hands clenched into fists. It took her a lot of effort to restrain herself from punching him, but she could guess that the bruises on his face should be her deed from last night!

As her cold voice reached him, Su Chen’s eyes looked at her sharply.

“Long time no see indeed. I’ve been looking for you for quite a while.” Su Chen’s tone was not friendly as well, and his smile was bitter.

“How nice of you to be concerned about me. I’ve never forgotten what you taught me.”

“It seems that your boyfriend never went back to you, I guess. I heard he’s doing pretty well. He married Deputy Chief Wang’s daughter, and he should be a lieutenant commander now. He came to me and begged for work some time ago. Sadly, I rejected him. See, I told you I wasn’t wrong…”

Su Chen was enjoying Ji Zitong’s pale expression as he felt exceptionally smug.

“Women are too simple. Do you think a man would still change his mind after he’s gotten tired of you? Naive, stupid!”

Ji Zitong’s expression changed and her clenched fists trembled slightly. “What do you know? Who are you to comment on this? I never knew that a man like you would care so much about someone’s private matters. You’ve broadened my mind.”

“Still having a sharp tongue, huh? You’re still trying to argue with me even when you’re a deserter? Didn’t the military life ease your arrogance?”

“I’m going to say it again. I’m not a deserter! If you continue to accuse me, don’t blame me for anything that’s about to happen!” Su Chen’s words triggered Ji Zitong.

“What are you going to do? I haven’t even settled the score with you yet, but you’re talking to me like this?”

Ji Zitong did not want to waste any more time there. She still had to report for duty at Glory World, and she needed a place to clean herself up. Nonetheless, she felt slightly better knowing that she beat this guy up last night.

As she flattened her wrinkled outfit and was about to leave, Su Chen’s long arm blocked her way.

“Move!” She halted her steps and glared at the arm before her.

“I think we have a score to settle.”

She wanted to storm away after doing all those things to him. Did she really underestimate him that much?




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