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(Enemies On A Narrow Road (3)

He grabbed her hands as he crawled on top of her.

He suddenly thought of something as he closed his eyes. His tone sounded heavy as he said, “Well, I don’t have that big a heart to contain too many things. I only need one relationship and one marriage. I prefer my life to be simpler.”

She felt her heart ache when she heard him, so she put her hands on his face and delivered a kiss on his lips.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… You’re too sweet to me. I worry that some day… So, I want to keep you forever. I don’t want you to know how good any other woman could be. I just want us to stay together forever.”

“What a worrywart!”

He stared at her, but at the same time, he was genuinely happy as her fond sweetness wrapped around his heart. As his heart soared, he accepted the passionate kiss from her and elevated it to another level.

Her concern for him grew as time went by. Before she realized it, she found herself caring a lot for him. She wanted more love and affection from him, and she wanted him to see only her.

It was all his fault…

Xi Xiaye had no idea that the man on top of her right now felt the same way.

Master Mu was an expert at mind games. He was confident in making her fall in love and give her happiness. That was not just all talk!

Han Yifeng, Qi Lei… They could try all they wanted, but Xi Xiaye would only belong to Mu Yuchen.

He could not hold it in anymore. Although Xi Xiaye did say they could still have sex when she was around three months pregnant, for her safety’s sake, he still called Dr. Zhong who was about to sleep and asked him about it. Upon hearing his question, Xi Xiaye blushed angrily.

Her face was totally crimson as she punched his chest. “How could you ask something like that at a time like this!? Aren’t you embarrassed!?”

Dr. Zhong must have known what they were doing right now, and he was going to come over tomorrow. She felt so embarrassed!

“What’s wrong? Everyone knows that couples have sex. People just tend to look at it weirdly. You need to be frank about it and make it elegant instead of lewd. Learn from me, my dear.”

“Elegant instead of lewd? No, you’re being vulgar.”

“Otherwise, how else would the little thing inside you have come about?” he replied her with a straight face.

“You bastard…”

“Alright, focus right now. Dr. Zhong said it’s fine. I’ll be careful…”

Xi Xiaye’s sleeping robe was flung away instantly, thanks to his impatience. She pushed him and ranted, “Mu Yuchen, give me back the clean, pure, and quiet Mr. Mu!”

In contrast to Mu Yuchen’s sweet situation, Su Chen was having his worst day ever!

Initially, he planned to go back to his office, but the woman had vomited all over him and even beat him up. Extremely angered, Master Su picked her up and put her into his car. He intended to wait for her to wake up before teaching her a lesson!

He went into the shower for an hour after he returned to his apartment in order to get rid of the disgusting odor. To his annoyance, his clothes had to be thrown away. Because he would never buy more than what he needed, he only had a limited number of suits. That woman would have to pay for it!

He went to sleep fuming and just ignored the woman he left in the living room.

The next morning, Su Chen woke up in pain…

“That woman is a monster! Not only is she ugly, but she’s so awful at drinking! Ugh…”

Su Chen remembered what happened last night. He endured his pain and walked into the bathroom. When he looked into the mirror, he almost smashed it into pieces!

His handsome face had now become bruised and swollen. Apart from a bruise on his eye and a huge lump on the left side of his face, there was also an obvious slap mark!

How hard did she hit him?

No wonder his ears could only hear a fuzzy buzzing. With his fair skin, the injuries were especially obvious. He had turned into a pig-like creature!

Su Chen looked at himself in the mirror as he snapped his toothbrush into half.

This ugly man was definitely not him!

He spent every ounce of his willpower to control himself not to beat up the woman in his living room. While Su Chen was usually not the kind of person to pick fights with ladies, he was boiling mad and definitely wanted to teach her a lesson!

He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Then, he proceeded to wash himself up. He had been trained in the army before after all, so he could control his emotions well.


As if thousands of horses had just thundered past in her mind, Ji Zitong felt like her head was about to explode, and the bitter cold was making her shiver!

How terribly cold!

Her body was in agony. She curled up into a fetal position before trying to open her eyes.

The first thing she saw was a beautiful crystal lamp. She also heard the sound of water dripping. When she turned over and looked at the source of the sound, she saw a large fish aquarium with several goldfish inside. The dripping came from the tiny fountain in the aquarium.

The curtain was dark gray in color with several green plants beside it. There was a red rocking chair in the living room with a Chinese chess set made of bluestone laid out on the coffee table. Near the curtain was a collection of gun models and knives. Overall, the room was pretty clean. It was obviously a man’s living space.

This was not a place she was familiar with!

Ji Zitong maintained her alertness when she noticed that. She ignored the pounding in her head and started to look at her surroundings, trying to think back to what happened yesterday.

After she sent Xi Xiaye back to Maple Residence, she drove back home, but then she received a call and found out a friend was celebrating her birthday at the Imperial Sky Club, so she went there and drank a lot. She barely able made it out of the room.

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