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(Turn Up Uninvited (2)

Seeing Qi Lei’s tall and lean figure walk over, Xi Xiaye could not hold herself back from angrily clenching her fists.

How could there possibly be someone as shameless as him?

She did not even answer him, yet he planned to just follow her uninvited!

“I’ve already repaid you when I should. Qi Lei, don’t cross the line!” Xi Xiaye quickly chased after him.

Qi Lei pretended he did not hear her. Instead, he casually shrugged with the bags in his hand. He stopped and shot her a side look for a moment, then continued walking ahead.

“It’s just one dinner. Do you have to be so unhappy? I’m visiting your home. Am I so unwelcomed?”

The two of them walked one in front of the other along the clean cement path. Abruptly, Qi Lei slowed down his steps and turned to look at the woman following him gloomily behind. He could not help but laugh out loud in a teasing manner.

When she heard his guffaw, Xi Xiaye immediately rolled her eyes at him. She complained, “Do people visit the way you do? This is called turning up uninvited. Also, you’re coming empty-handed. Is this how you visit people’s homes? You don’t even know what courtesy is!”

Qi Lei immediately laughed out even louder. The gloom that hid between his brows vanished as he glanced over with a gentle gaze. “I was wondering why you were this against me going over. So, you’re just worried you’ll be taken advantage of, huh? Look, I’m not visiting empty-handed. These two big bags are filled with stuff.”

“I bought those stuff!” Xi Xiaye felt that this man could really make her die of fury and irritation

“Well, then me helping you bring these things back is considered helpful too. It’s not right for you to speak to an honest, handsome, and good person like that. Don’t roll your eyes. You aren’t that pretty to begin with, and with that expression, even the slightest ounce of elegance you have is destroyed.”

He kept making fun of her. Seeing her all riled up, he suddenly felt especially smug. All his anger about that old fellow Qi Qiming was now all gone. It seemed like tormenting her and Mu Yuchen was quite fun too.

Xi Xiaye could barely catch her breath. This man was quite mean!

She had to complain to Mu Yuchen when she got back so that he can put this lecher in his place!

She inhaled deeply and pushed down the anger that surged in her chest. Trying her hardest to make herself calm down, she then cooled down.

“I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you. Your shamelessness is really an art that you’ve refined to perfection!” she said coldly.

Upon hearing that, he turned and shot her a look with that demonic gaze of his. Instead of being angry, he just smiled. “Thanks for the compliment. If I had any shame, would you be treating me to dinner? I’m handsome and shameless. I’m invincible! This is the truth. Instead of being angry, why don’t you tell me about how the egoistic Mu Yuchen courted you?”

Xi Xiaye barely caught her breath at his straightforward question!

Her incorruptible Mr. Mu would not be as shameless at this fellow!

“You and he are on completely different levels. Don’t compare yourself to him. It was I who courted him, alright?” Xiaye spoke in a rage. However, she seemed to be telling the truth. Even though it was him who suggested the marriage, she really did initiate it and clung onto him, but there had not really been any courting between her and Mu Yuchen, had there?

There was no proposal. They just went to get the certificate. It felt like everything happened so naturally, and after that when the conditions were right, things just flowed naturally.

After Xi Xiaye finished, Qi Lei instantly stopped walking. He widened his eyes and stared in disbelief at her, instigating goosebumps all over her. She shrunk and just walked around him, taking the chance to shoot him narrowed eyes.

“Are you for real? You don’t look like the type! You don’t look like someone who’d make the first move!” Qi Lei doubted her.

“Don’t talk as if you understand women really well. Making the first move isn’t embarrassing. Don’t underestimate me. If I can even take Mu Yuchen down, you’d better not provoke me. Otherwise, I have my ways of getting you in trouble,” Xi Xiaye could not help but urge him.

Qi Lei was so unfathomable to her. She did not know what he thought and she could not keep him away, so she had to give him a strong warning.

Qi Lei did not take her anger to heart. Instead, he said gently, “Are you that unreasonable? The other day, we said we were friends. Why are you all hostile now? I told you I’m really a good person. I won’t hurt you.”

“My trust in you is negative. I know that the grudges between you and Mu Yuchen are over a woman, aren’t they?”

When Xi Xiaye said this, Qi Lei’s suddenly fell silent. He looked at the side of Xi Xiaye’s beautiful face with an unfathomable gaze. After he thought about it, he then continued, “Yes, it’s because of a woman, but do you know about her relationship with Mu Yuchen?”

“They were betrothed to each other at a young age, weren’t they? I don’t care about what kind of past he’s had. I’m his Missus Mu. He dotes on me, is very kind to me, and he will continue to be good to me. That’s enough for me.”

As she spoke, she suddenly stopped, turned around and her cold gaze fell onto his face.

“You’re quite open-minded. Are you that confident that he’ll always love you dearly? Whether he loves you or not is uncertain. What if I told you that he and Shasha had an unforgettable past?”

The corner of Qi Lei’s lips curved up slightly as he smiled faintly at her.

Xi Xiaye smiled back at him without a word with an indifferent gaze.

Qi Lei chuckled helplessly. He pondered for a while, then said calmly, “Perhaps if you met Shasha, you wouldn’t think that way.”

When they returned to Maple Residence, the sky had darkened. The radiance of the setting sun engulfed the entire place in a golden tenderness. From afar, it looked quite surreal. The evening breeze blew gently, carrying the faint fragrance of flowers. It was probably coming from the sea of flowers blooming in the backyard.

Mu Yuchen had already returned from work. When Xi Xiaye entered the house, he was obviously busy in the kitchen as always while Sis Wang was tending to the plants on the balcony.

When Mu Yuchen walked out of the kitchen and saw Qi Lei carrying the things behind her, he was quite surprised. Then, he took a glimpse at the unhappy little woman, and he could immediately guess what had happened.

Qi Lei set aside the bags on the table and turned to look at Mu Yuchen. Qi Lei’s eyes gaze held a vague demonic aura. As he met Mu Yuchen’s gaze that was as still as water, he smiled after a while. “Long time no see, Master Mu. I’m here to leech on your dinner. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

After Qi Lei said this, Xi Xiaye immediately turned to look at the two of them while uneasiness colored her gaze.




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