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(Turn Up Uninvited (1)

When she returned from Su Nan’s place, it was already close to evening. Xi Xiaye wanted to ask Su Nan out for dinner, but Ruan Heng got home late from work. Since it was not that convenient, she decided against it after some thought.

When the car was near the Grand Waves Villa, Xi Xiaye made Ji Zitong stop the car.

“You can go back first. I want to buy some things from the supermarket. Later, I’ll walk home. I’ll just treat it like a relaxing stroll.”

Xi Xiaye had been doing this frequently recently. It was a way for her to work out. Once she reached the entrance of the Grand Waves Villa area, she would get down from the car and walk home. If Mu Yuchen was around, he would walk home with her too.

“Okay, Director Xi, I’ll leave first then,” answered Ji Zitong after she looked ahead and saw that it was Grand Waves Villa area.

Xi Xiaye nodded gently. “Okay, bye.” She got down from the car and walked to the supermarket in front.

Mu Yuchen had called earlier to say that he would be leaving work slightly earlier today. Since she was quite free, she thought about cooking dinner as a reward for him for taking such good care of her.

This supermarket was the neighborhood anchor grocery stop. At this time, there were quite a lot of people doing their groceries.

Xi Xiaye pushed a trolley and soon loaded many things into it. She was quite satisfied with her haul. Su Nan had reminded her that if she felt like vomiting, she could eat something sour or have some grain biscuits, so Xi Xiaye decided to get both.

Mainly, she wanted to get a huge pile of books, some prenatal education discs or books, and some collections of poem and prose.

The doctor said that at about four months, she could begin prenatal education. As a mother for the first time, she naturally did not know about these things. Earlier, she chatted with Su Nan for quite a while to share references.

Standing at the tall shelf, Xi Xiaye set aside her trolley that was filled with things and concentrated on the shelf full of books before her. She wanted to look for a few more character-building poems and prose collections so that Mu Yuchen read them to the little one in her.

After looking for quite a while, she finally found a modern poetry collection. She casually browsed through it.

” Sliding across the vast sky and downhill, I am the dimmed shooting star, riding the cool breeze of the night rain, rushing on this journey of a gamble. A life that throws the dice is like a raindrop, stirring up a night of dense fog atop this lake… ”

A clear and alluring voice was gently heard, sounding quite familiar. Qi Lei subconsciously turned to look towards the voice, and Xi Xiaye’s elegant figure greeted his sight!

An unexpected current of thrill traveled through his veins at this sight!

He actually bumped into her here! It had been a while since they met.

Ever since the scandal and after Mu Yuchen hosted that dinner, he had not seen Xi Xiaye, but now that he had bumped into her, she seemed to have become even thinner than before. Mu Yuchen was terrible! How could he be so bad at fattening his own woman up? Could the fellow have asked his woman to watch her figure, and pursue the overrated skinny kind of beauty?

Master Qi meanly despised Mu Yuchen on the inside for a while.

Mu Yuchen was not as considerate as he was. He did not have his gift of the gab, he was not as confident and amusing as he was, and he definitely did not have his gentleness and understanding. Why did Xi Xiaye not like him? Even if she was Mu Yuchen’s wife now, at least when she saw him, could she not consider him? At least, her eyes should light up a little, and then fill with admiration as she looked at him!

Forget about admiration! When that woman looked at him, apart from the disdain from before, there was just indifference and never any admiration. Obviously, this made Qi Lei feel quite defeated.

Just as he was hesitating about whether to greet her, Xi Xiaye already tossed the book into her trolley and was walking towards the cashier.

The cashier smiled as she asked Xi Xiaye, “Miss, it’s $598 in total. Would you like to pay by cash or card?”

“Card, please.” Xi Xiaye handed her card over.

After she paid, she then realized that she had bought two bagfuls of items. In fact, they were very heavy. It was all those books!

She was mulling over whether to walk home with two big bags. Would she die of exhaustion?

After pondering for a while, she decided to bring the things aside first, and then get Mu Yuchen to fetch her.

Just as her fingers reached out for the bags, a pair of strong arms flashed before her and picked up them up.

In surprise, Xi Xiaye looked up subconsciously and Qi Lei’s handsome face greeted her sight.

“You!” Xi Xiaye widened her eyes in shock. She was clearly stunned.

“Surprised? Have you been wanting to see me?” Qi Lei looked amusedly at Xi Xiaye as he teased.

She immediately rolled her eyes, attempting to take the bags back. “You are relentless. How is it I bump into you everywhere!?”

Qi Lei avoided her hand and scowled at her words. “Woman, is this how you treat someone who saved your life? Relentless? I live nearby too, alright? It’s best not to be a good person at this time of the year, especially if one meets a heartless woman like you!”

“Yes, you’re relentless!” Xi Xiaye glared at him.

“This relentless person here saved your life. They say a favor in the form of a drop of water should be returned with a surging spring. Is this how you’re going to act?”

“Mu Yuchen and I treated you to that meal already, at which you didn’t go easy at all! You ate tens of thousands of dollars! Don’t think I didn’t know you did that on purpose!” Xi Xiaye was fired up as she raised her voice. She had only found out about it the next day. Clearly, he had done it on purpose, seizing the opportunity to butcher Mu Yuchen!

“You two are really such a stingy couple. It’s not like Mu Yuchen’s short on money, and it was only one meal. It looks like the two of you weren’t sincere at all! I really regret saving you, and you even made yourselves look good!” Qi Lei pretended to be hurt.

“If he wasn’t sincere, why would he include a luxury car? Qi Lei, why do I find that you have more potential to be a profiteer than Mu Yuchen? Do you think he has more money than sense, letting you butcher as you wish?” Xi Xiaye looked at him coldly while her tone was unfriendly.

“It was him who wanted to buy me off, so why wouldn’t I accept it? I’m not a fool. Do you think that you can buy me off with a little favor? Hmm? Did you buy so many ingredients? Do the two of you cook for yourself? Let’s go. No one’s cooking at my place today, so I’ll leech off you two tonight. It’s my way of allowing you to continue to properly thank me for saving you,” Qi Lei teased as he looked at the girl who was red from anger. Suddenly, he felt incredibly smug! Without waiting for Xi Xiaye’s response, he lifted the bags and walked out.




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