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(Clean And Pure Mr. Mu? (2)

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him. “You’re the one abusing powers! Stay put or you’ll suffer later.”

Master Mu glanced at her, feeling the anguish right now as he thought about the amount of time he had to wait.

He was pretty calm before he met her, but after they started having sex…

“You seemed pretty insensitive before I married you, and you were always cold towards everyone. Look at you now. You’re not the clean and pure Mr. Mu anymore.”

She pinched his handsome face and smiled as she stopped his hand that was moving towards her breasts.

“Clean and pure? Is that used to describe men?”

He took a deep breath and could barely suppress himself. “You haven’t told me exactly what that man said to you!”

“Nothing much, just those words that I told you just now. I don’t really understand him either. I just think that too much has been happening lately and many people have changed,” Xi Xiaye lamented.

“Did he finally realize you’re a treasure and wants to go back to the past in exchange for his time alive? Does he want to start over? You’ll be engaged to me at childhood if we start over. What’s his role in this?” He was unimpressed.

Xi Xiaye gave him a kiss when she noticed him scowling. “Okay, let’s not talk about him now. I was just surprised to see him visit my grandfather’s grave. I’d usually feel terrible when I see him and think of the past, but I’ve gotten over it now.”

“You cared about him a whole lot before.”

He was still a bit afflicted, but at the same time, he was also glad that she talked about this with him. She rarely shared her feelings with him, but it seemed like he had become her best friend now.

“If you became my fiancè much earlier, I’d have been sure to care for you a thousand times more than him.” Xi Xiaye quickly tried to prove her loyalty!

He chuckled and hugged her tightly as she hugged him back as well.

“Mu Yuchen…”


“I have a question for you.”

“Ask away.”

“Am I… really your first love?”

“Why are you asking such nonsense again?”

“I just want to know. Just answer my question. Hurry!”

“Mmm… It’s you…”

The hot summer finally cooled down a little, especially after the Qixi Festival. The temperature in City Z started dropping as autumn was coming.

She was still following Mu Yuchen to work every day. As her pregnancy entered its third month, her health was not doing so well and she experienced big physical reactions. Furthermore, she was getting skinnier. Her chin became really pointed now, worrying Mu Yuchen. He always tried to find ways for her to eat more, and almost never left her side.

Despite that, Xi Xiaye still appeared pretty well.

At the end of the month, Xi Xiaye took some time to visit Su Nan.

Su Nan’s baby bump had gotten so huge that it now posed as an obstacle to her walking. Her estimated delivery date was at the end of the following month.

Su Nan’s nausea was not as bad as Xi Xiaye’s. Ruan Heng had been taking good care of her during her pregnancy, so she ate and slept well. She even put on some weight and looked great.

“Xiaye, how did you become so skinny? Doesn’t Master Mu always treat you like a princess? How are you not putting on weight? You have to eat more in order to give birth to my future daughter-in-law!”

Su Nan was worried as she glanced at Xi Xiaye’s barely noticeable baby bump. She was especially anxious when she saw her tapered chin.

Xi Xiaye chuckled. “How do you know that your child must be a son and that mine will be a daughter? Mu Yuchen does want a daughter though.”

“It has to be a son. Otherwise, how would he marry your daughter? Master Mu is being considerate, alright? Girls are closer to their mothers! But Ruan Heng is hoping for a daughter as well. He’s worried that a boy might be too naughty to take care of, but look at my belly. If it’s a girl, she’s going to be a big, fat girl!” Su Nan glanced at Xi Xiaye and ranted.

“Do you really need to talk about your child like that? Both Ruan Heng and you are good-looking. I’m sure your child will be either a handsome boy or a pretty girl. You just have to rest well. Mu Yuchen has been restricting me from going out, but I just came to visit you today since I’ve got some free time. I’m relieved that you’re doing well.”

Su Nan could not walk very well, and she had refrained from going out too much in the past few months, staying at home obediently. With Xi Xiaye being busy, they had not seen each other for quite some time. Because Xi Xiaye missed her, she went over.

“You have to take care of yourself too. By the way, guess who I met when I went to the hospital for a checkup several days ago?” Su Nan remembered something and looked at Xi Xiaye.

“Who?” Xi Xiaye threw her a doubtful glance.

“I met Xi Xinyi. Her baby bump has become really huge too. Huang Ziyao went with her for a checkup, and she seems to be doing well! I wonder what the Han family is thinking. They’re still shielding her, even Han Yifeng. Sigh, she’s been living pretty well lately, and Yueying is doing well with Qi Kai supporting it and several huge stars having signed contracts with Yueying. I also heard that Yueying’s new movie will be airing this spring. It’s pretty popular and many people expect high numbers at the box office. I don’t get it. How is she so lucky!?”

Su Nan was getting irritated.

Xi Xinyi, huh?

It had been a long time since she last heard about her. She had been behaving ever since Yueying’s crisis.

Of course, Xi Xiaye would not know that Xi Xinyi was being blackmailed and was scared terribly by that. At such a critical moment, she could only behave and mind her own business!

If she tried to do something funny, Mu Yuchen would expose her photos. She simply could not risk it!

Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered that Xi Xinyi’s expected delivery date was quite soon too!

Su Nan and her had conceived at almost the same time. She saw her appearing on TV for the movie promotion which meant that she was really working hard although her baby bump had gotten so big!

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