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(Clean And Pure Mr. Mu? (1)

It was not a grand dinner out of concern for Xi Xiaye. Her meals were prioritized to be healthy, so of course, dishes like honey steak would not be making its appearance for a while.

Xi Xiaye overreacted a little. In Mu Yuchen’s words, she was in a delicate phase right now. The dishes were served on the table and he prepared a bowl of soup for her. However, she frowned when she saw the dishes.

“Why are we eating the same thing again?”

He handed her a spoon. “These are healthy meals that you’ll have to eat for a while. I’ll cook your favorite food again after two months, alright? Be good now and drink up.”

“I’m not that weak, alright? I’m tired of drinking all these tonics every day.”

Grouchily, Xi Xiaye felt that her body was holding up fine. After all, she traveled frequently for work back then, and he would occasionally drag her out for horse-riding. All the while, she felt fine.

“You still have to take it even if you’re tired of it. Besides, it’s just a few months, but you’re already starting to get irritated about this and you still want to have two kids?”

Mu Yuchen noticed that she was not putting on weight. When they went for a checkup, her weight had gone down instead, and she seemed even skinnier than before. It was probably due to the recent stressful incidents.

He was practically working on the South River project alone. Aside from arranging some documents in the office to help her kill time, he was giving her much more time to rest.

Of course, he did not want her to go back to the Mu Residence or stay at the Maple Residence alone, so they went to work together. Truth be told, he could only feel assured when she was within his line of sight.

Xi Xiaye still did not feel like drinking it, but his provoking worked as she picked up the spoon quietly and started drinking.

She was suddenly reminded of the project. “How’s the South River project going? I visited the south of the city with Grandpa a few days ago. We passed by the South River Bridge and went to take a look. They were constructing the foundation, so I’m sure it’ll progress quickly soon.”

“Vice President Zhang will follow up on it. You just have to keep an eye on the market research data. The progress is still within the satisfactory threshold. Don’t just keep thinking about work. How are you feeling today?”

He did not like to talk about work in front of her. Firstly, he did not want her to worry. Secondly, they should be enjoying their time together right now, and he did not want work to come between them.

Xi Xiaye swiftly finished the soup. As she cleaned her mouth with a tissue, he poured her another bowl again. Her face twisted from the bitter taste and she looked at him with a pair of pitiful doe eyes. Nonetheless, he acted as if he did not see her and handed her the spoon again. The determination in his eyes left no room for negotiation.

She glared at him for a moment but he did not soften up at all, so she grabbed the spoon again and picked up the chopsticks.

However, things did not go as smoothly this time. Just as she was about to start eating, she felt an urge to vomit. Unfortunately, she could not make it into the washroom quickly enough. To her horror, the stuff that just entered her stomach gushed back upward. She turned her head back as she grabbed onto the man beside her, and then…

She barfed into his hands.

Xi Xiaye was stunned when his pair of big hands became her vomit dump, but she was feeling too terrible to give it much thought.

After she was finally done, her vomit filled up his large hands. Even she felt disgusted by it, but he seemed unfazed. Wait, was he not a clean freak?

“Ugh, so dirty…”

She moved her body aside and avoided him as she wiped her mouth.

Mu Yuchen glanced at her without saying anything. Then, he went to the washroom to clean himself up. Xi Xiaye had already started eating when he came back.

After dinner and a shower, two of them watched TV together on the sofa.

Ever since Xi Xiaye got pregnant, Mu Yuchen rarely worked excessively in the study room anymore. Instead, he would spend most of the nights accompanying her just like right now.

Xi Xiaye was in his arms as she gave his fingernails a trim, and he flipped through some documents to be used in the upcoming Monday meeting.

“I have something to tell you.” Her soft voice broke the silence.

“Mmm? Speak.” He averted his gaze away from the document.

“When I visited Grandfather’s grave today, I met Han Yifeng,” she spoke without stopping whatever she was doing.

He was astonished for a bit, but then returned to normal moments later. “What did he say?”

“What else? I feel like he’s really having it rough. He was talking weird too. He said that he’s willing to exchange the last 10 or 20 years of his life to start over. I think he’s tired of Xi Xinyi’s matter. He looked much more worn out than before.”

She sighed. “He’s not like the old him anymore.”

“So, you’re heartbroken?” He stopped what he was doing and looked at her.

She raised her eyebrows as her eyes smiled at him. She put the nail clipper down and touched his face lovingly. Then, she wrapped her arms around his shoulder and smiled. “I always like it when you’re jealous. Today, several new assistants in the Administration Department said that you’re very handsome. Oh, didn’t Li Si mention getting you a new secretary? They were all trying to get close to you with other intentions, so I moved them all to the Marketing Department out of anger. Hmph, I won’t even let them see your face!”

“Someone’s abusing her powers now, isn’t she?”

He grinned at her. Actually, he did hear about it. He felt that she was really concerned about the people he came into contact with recently. Of course, he knew what she meant.

He grabbed her tightly as love filled up his dark eyes while he looked deep into her eyes. Her tender smile softened his heart. After a while, his document disappeared from his hand. He grabbed her waist with one hand while the other hand explored underneath her clothes…




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