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(Important Protectee (4)

When Xi Xiaye said this, she was suddenly reminded of her old self.

When some pain was being put before us, they seemed to magnify, but no matter what, one would need to go on. Evading would only be the action of a coward.

After that, Xi Xiaye did not continue or look at Han Yifeng either. Her gaze remained on the tombstone before her.

“Grandfather, I hope that you’re doing well. Without those worries, you can live happier!” she said before turning around to leave.

Han Yifeng subconsciously turned around. He was about to chase after her, yet as he was about to take a step, he realized that he had no reason to go after her. He thought about it and finally halted his steps in sorrow.

The sky was turning dark. The car passed through the bustling city, driving through the silent tunnel. When they returned to the Maple Residence, it was already past 7 p.m.

The lights at home were all switched on. Xi Xiaye went to the kitchen after setting her stuff aside. As expected, she saw the man dressed leisurely and preparing dinner. She could smell the aroma of the food from afar.

She strolled into the kitchen and watched him work around skillfully, looking all focused with concentration. Her heart warmed as she walked up to him from behind and hugged him by the waist.

When he felt his waist suddenly clutched tightly and the softness pressing against his back, he paused what he was doing and looked down at the arm circling him. His gentle voice queried, “What’s wrong?”

Upon hearing his sensitive voice of concern, she suddenly felt sad. She did not know whether it was because she was pregnant with the little thing that she had suddenly become all sensitive.

She struggled for a while and finally said, “Nothing, I just… wanted to hug you for a while.” She did not care about being reserved now.

When Mu Yuchen heard this, he obviously felt satisfied. His heart melted into a puddle and a smile flashed across his handsome face. He immediately turned around and pulled her into his embrace. Seeing her clear eyes watch him, he lowered his head to kiss her.

However, it was just a short, gentle kiss. Otherwise, he was worried that he would not be able to control himself. The fetus was only two months old. The days were going to be long after this, and he could already imagine that for a very long time after this, he would need to live like a celibate monk.

He sighed, then pulled her away. Upon seeing her misty eyes, warmth spread from his palm as he touched her still flat belly and sighed. “This little thing is really torturing.”

When she heard his lament, Xiaye was stunned. Then, she immediately blushed and scowled down at his caressing hand before, she laughed. “How long has it been since we found out? Weren’t you… quite pure of heart and free of desire previously?”

“Well, that would depend on who it was. You know this well.” He did not know the meaning of shame as he spoke very seriously, “Missus, one is enough. Too many children translate into more worries. In fact…”

Master Mu thought that having this one child was enough. If they had a few more in the future, they would need to spend more thought on them. Once the child arrived, she would definitely shift her focus, then he would probably slide far down the ranks!

Besides that, he did not want to go against his self-interest.

“No, at least two. A boy and a girl would be best.”

Xi Xiaye frowned at him. “Just one would be too lonely. Do you not like children?”

“A boy and a girl? You’ve got to see if I’m that fertile! As long as you give birth to them, I’d definitely like them. What nonsense are you thinking about now?”

Mu Yuchen wanted to say something more, but seeing her determined manner, he could not bear to go against her now.

When the child arrived and her figure changed, he was sure that she would not be this determined!

Besides, it was not easy to be parents. By the looks of her, she probably had the potential to be a hot mom.

Actually, Mu Yuchen was slightly torn. Even though he hoped to have a child with her, he was not ready to be a father at all. He simply could not even imagine how he would be like as a father, and how it would like to have a little devil following him.

“You’re not allowed to dislike your child. Do you remember what you said to me?” Xi Xiaye squinted with seriousness in her eyes as she fixed her gaze on him.

He could not help but laugh as he raised his brows. “What did I say?”

“As a father, you must play the role of a good father, teacher, friend, and brother all at the same time. In order for our child not to be distant from us in the future, we must always pull ourselves closer to him and teach him ourselves.” Xi Xiaye seemed to already be prepared with plans on how to raise the child.

As he listened, he just spread his hands open. “Okay, you are now the home’s most important protector. Whatever you say goes, okay? Your Majesty?”

When Xi Xiaye heard this, she was delighted and nodded gladly. “Of course! Mr. Mu, you’re becoming more and more self-aware. Your Majesty will reward you well.”

“What reward? Your Majesty? You only know how to make things go your way.” He looked amusedly at her as faint anticipation twinkled in his eyes.

“Mmm? Nah, for you!” Mu Yuchen only felt a flash of full-blown flirtatiousness before his eyes. When he stopped to look, he realized that there was a blossoming rose in front of him.

This girl had been giving him little gifts randomly recently. Two days ago, she gave him an exquisite tie clip, and the day before that, it was a cute pink pig that she had drawn. Today, it was a stalk of rose!

“Why are you suddenly being all sweet to me today?”

Mu Yuchen did not think that this girl would do all these for no reason. By the look in her eyes, these past few days, he felt like she was not the same as before. Apart from the usual sentiments, there was an additional nervousness which he believed that he could see through.

“Mr. Mu, your charm is off the charts. I just want to be sweet to you. Aren’t you happy?” Xi Xiaye beamed and shot a look at him. Her hands were stretched out behind her as she lifted her chin defiantly.

“My charm has always been the same. I know I’ve always been irresistible to you, but I’m a little overwhelmed by this love.”

He lowered his head and smelled the fragrance of the flower. His handsome smiling face greeted her, and she could not help but feel like she had been bewitched. After a while, she said softly, “Earlier, I just casually plucked it from the flowerbed…”


He smiled and patted her head. “I’ll accept your goodwill. Okay, go outside and wait for me. I’ll be there right away.”

She then nodded and silently walked out of the kitchen as she thought about whether to tell him about how she had bumped into Han Yifeng.




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