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(Important Protectee (2)

Xi Xiaye frowned when she heard Wang Hui. She did not reply and instead looked at the man beside her.

“Li Si has informed him already. We’ll head over to the Shen Residence soon,” said Mu Yuchen.

Wang Hui nodded. “That’s good to hear. Go back more often if you guys have the time. I know your grandpa is trying to let you take over Fu Hua, but I think it’s not suitable for Xiaye to do so right now.”

She frowned further. “You have a frail body, and there’ll be more hardships to come. Leave these worrisome matters for the future.”

Xi Xiaye smiled and shook her head. “Don’t worry, Grandmother. My body is fine. I’m only in the first month of pregnancy. Grandpa has prepared a group of elites, and Chen is helping me out as well. I’m sure I’ll get on track very quickly. It’s actually quite easy.”

She then shot Mu Yuchen a glare.

Wang Hui intended to have her stay at home, and she did not want that. She knew very well how her body was holding up. She did not want to stay immobilized at home for her whole pregnancy, and with Shen Yue’s health deteriorating, she did not want him to work anymore.

“That can’t do. It’s a huge matter. Just stay at home and rest.” Wang Hui sounded determined. Xi Xiaye did not know what to say so she kicked the man beside her. Mu Yuchen turned over to look at her helpless expression, chuckling lightly. He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it. Let her do whatever she’s happy with.”

Mu Yuchen’s tone was calm, but it was one you could not reject.

As Wang Hui was about to say something, Mu Yuchen’s phone started ringing. It seemed to be a business-related matter, so he let go of Xi Xiaye’s hand as he stood up and walked upstairs while he spoke on the phone.

After rearranging the Maple Residence and lunch, Wang Hui and the others returned to the Mu Residence. Before they left, they gave Xi Xiaye another round of reminders.

Sis Wang was an experienced nurse before, so it was a piece of cake for her to take care of Xi Xiaye. Mu Yuchen even let her stay in the Maple Residence for convenience. They cleaned up a room on the first floor and let her stay there. Besides that, the Mu Residence also sent another servant and a chef over.

Mu Yuchen had been getting really busy since Xi Xiaye got pregnant. He took up Xi Xiaye’s role in the South River project. In addition to it being the middle of the year, the data for several projects came up and required his attention, so he had been working late for a few days.

The same applied to Xi Xiaye as well, but she had it much easier compared to Mu Yuchen who had assigned her minimal work, mostly just to let her kill time. Xi Xiaye’s daily schedule went like this: she followed Shen Yue around in Fu Hua in the morning to learn about the operations. She would then meet Mu Yuchen for lunch and then rest in his office. In the afternoon, she would help out with Glory World’s project.

Of course, she had Ji Zitong by her side. After several days, they were not as distant as before, and sometimes they could strike up a conversation.

On the day of the Qixi festival, Xi Xiaye thought Mu Yuchen would visit Mu Zi’s grave again, but he did not seem like he was going to. Instead, he asked Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi to bring two bouquets of white lilies over.

After working through the whole morning in the office, Mu Yuchen was a little worried when Xi Xiaye was not there yet. He looked outside the window and noticed the sun was slowly setting in the west. He called her phone, but he could not reach her, causing him to frown instantly.

As he was about to give Ji Zitong a call, there was a sudden knock on the door and his secretary came in.

Li Si had been traveling to and fro City Z and City B after he took over Ah Mo’s role for Movie City. Mu Yuchen had two other secretaries now, and Secretary Bai was one of them. He was capable and was part of the team Mu Yuchen had brought back from abroad. After half a year of being here, he was thoroughly familiar with Glory World’s operations now.

“Chairman Mu, this is the document submitted by the Administrative Department. Please take a look.” Secretary Bai put the document onto the table.

Mu Yuchen nodded, then he asked, “Did you see Director Xi when you went to the Planning Department just now?”

Secretary Bai paused before replying, “I just wanted to tell you. Director Xi just called and said she’s going to the cemetery. She told you not to wait for her and she’ll head back directly to the Maple Residence later.”

Mu Yuchen looked down, not saying anything for a while. “What day is it today?”

He remembered the Qixi Festival passed a while ago, and she had mentioned that she would be visiting Xi Jiyang’s grave in a few days.

Xi Jiyang…

It had been roughly three months…

He had passed away for three months already!

It was just in the blink of an eye.

“It’s the 14th of July. Everyone says it’s the Zhongyuan Festival now, but it’s not really that popular anymore, especially for city folks.”

Mu Yuchen nodded quietly as he put his phone on the table. He turned his chair and faced the sky outside. “Okay, you can leave now.”

14th of July.

Xi Xiaye was not particularly familiar with this day. She just happened to hear someone mention it some time ago. After some people from the rural area said they were going back to visit their ancestor’s graves, she then remembered.

Xi Jiyang had passed away for some time already, and she rarely took notice of what was happening with the Xi family.

She heard that Deng Wenwen was quite unstable in the rehabilitation center. With Xi Mushan being absent in City Z, Mu Yuchen sent Li Si to visit her. Of course, Mu Yuchen never told her about it since he did not want to burden her anymore.

As for news about Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi, she had not heard about them for a very long time now. Yueying seemed to be getting better because of Xi Xinyi, but there was totally no information about Yue Lingsi at all. Apparently, the people from the Yue family were furious to find out about her scandal. Even Elder Yue was almost hospitalized from high blood pressure.

Everything that happened replayed scene by scene in her mind. Xi Xiaye felt like she was dreaming.




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