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(Important Protectee (1)

Mu Yuchen gave a simple greeting and sat down on the sofa as he poured himself a cup of tea.

“This is a lot of people here in the morning. You guys have a lot of free time.” Mu Yuchen sipped some tea before glancing over at Mu Tangchuan.

“It’s not a bad thing to gather people for a celebration. I haven’t scolded you about not telling us immediately! You’re going to be a father soon. Act like one.”

As always, Mu Tangchuan was always gentle and serious. “I’ve just analyzed Xiaye’s matter with your grandfather. We know that someone’s behind it, so be careful on your own. A lot of things have happened lately, but I’m not going to pry too much into it.”

“Mmm, I understand.” Mu Yuchen did not want to explain too much, so he lowered his head and gazed at his tea cup.

“I’ve also heard that you’re investigating your aunt again. Xiaye looked for Sis Lan too. Is that right?” Mu Tangchuan stopped moving and asked.

Mu Yuchen put down his cup as he leaned into the sofa. “Lingshi has always wanted to know about her father. This can’t remain in the dark forever. It’ll be irresponsible to Aunty and Lingshi. No matter what, there should be something.” His tone of voice was cold.

“I’ve put in a lot of effort into this before, but I couldn’t find that person. As your aunt insisted, your mother and I gave up in the end.”

Mu Zixi’s matter was a heavy topic for the Mu family, and they rarely brought it up. Mu Tangchuan must have given it a lot of consideration before bringing it up today.

“Mmm, while your grandparents hardly talked about it, they probably had the same thoughts too. Your grandmother was so furious that she almost chased your aunt out when she was pregnant with Lingtian. She cried every day for a period of time after your aunt’s death, but in the end, she calmed down and took care of Lingshi.”

“Sis Lan and your aunt were very close back then. I bet she knows something, but we couldn’t find out anything from her. She just told us to give up and take care of both Lingtian and Lingshi.” Mu Tangchuan searched through his memories.

Mu Yuchen stayed quiet for a moment before speaking up, “Father, I have something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Mu Tangchuan drank some tea and looked at Mu Yuchen in doubt. He rarely saw such a heavy expression on him.

“Did Aunty mention a Mr. Wen to you back then?” asked Mu Yuchen directly.

Mu Tangchuan frowned instantly. “Mr. Wen? This name sounds familiar.”

“There’s something related to Mr. Wen. He should be the one behind Xiaye getting blocked in the tunnel the other time as well as this scandal. When Xiaye approached Sis Lan, Mr. Wen was involved in their conversation too. I arranged my thoughts and realized that Mr. Wen is coming for me. There are only two reasons he might be coming for me. The first is that I’m involved with Glory World, and the other for revenge. Aside from the Gu family and the Qi family, I don’t think there’s anyone else who’d hate me this much. However, after I gave it some thought, there could be one more person.”

“Who?” Mu Tangchuan’s eyes turned cold as he looked at Mu Yuchen.

“Lingtian and Lingshi’s biological father,” Mu Yuchen replied as he looked into Mu Tangchuan’s eyes. “On Lingtian’s birthday, Xiaye and I met a man when we visited their graves. He even brought Lingtian a cake. I asked Li Si and the others to investigate, but we couldn’t find anything. The cake shop owner said that the man asked her to deliver the cake to his car outside, so she couldn’t see his face.”

“With that being said, if that person intended to hide his tracks, and we’re unable to find him after so many years, he must be extraordinary to a certain extent.”

“Mmm, that’s what I thought as well.”

“Do you suspect that Mr. Wen is Lingshi’s father?” Mu Tangchuan squinted at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen grinned. “I won’t make a conclusion without any proof, but what we know now is that Mr. Wen must know something. If he’s not Lingshi’s father, he would at least be affiliated with him.”

Xi Xiaye woke up and went downstairs after she washed up. Needless to say, she was shocked by the commotion.

The whole floor was placed with anti-slip mats, and the curtains had been changed into warm-colored tones as if the whole house had been refurbished.

After a simple breakfast, Wang Hui started telling her a long list of things to be careful about.

“You just got pregnant! It’ll feel odd at first, but after several months when the child starts to move around, your state of mind will change, and you’ll be more aware of your maternal instincts. You’ll then realize your heart becomes softer, and you’ll be more courageous. The little thing inside you will be as important as your own life.”

Wang Hui held Xi Xiaye’s hands. She was kind and gentle as she put on a smile.


Xi Xiaye was about to pull away, feeling awkward when they made such a big fuss out of it. She looked at Mu Yuchen for help, but he was just calmly reading his newspaper.

“I’ve talked to your mother. Xiaye, why don’t you come to stay in the Mu Residence? It’s easier for us to take care of you, and Chen Er can work on his own. Your mother and I will take care of you, so we can be at ease too.”

Let Xiaye stay at Mu Residence and leave him alone in Maple Residence?

Mu Yuchen definitely did not want that!

“Sis Wang will stay here. You guys don’t have to worry,” he replied almost instantly to Wang Hui’s suggestion.

Xi Xiaye felt self-conscious. “Don’t worry, Grandmother. It’s only been a month now. There are a lot of things I need to learn from Grandpa at this time. I can give myself a holiday and spend more time with Grandpa. I have quite a lot of free time nowadays anyway.”

“Have you told your grandpa about this? He’ll be really thrilled,” Wang Hui suddenly mentioned Shen Yue.”




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