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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 3

Episode 37

“Baby, you’re brand new to this. I don’t want to overwhelm you.”

“You won’t.”

He stared down at her. “How about we shower and see where it goes?”

She smiled brightly. “I’d like that.”

“Oh, you’ll like everything I do to you. I promise.”

“I can’t wait.”


Kaleb stood and threw her over his shoulder, grinning when she screamed. He walked them into the large shower and set her down in front of him before he turned the water on at his back, so she didn’t get the blast of cold water.

It heated quickly, so he moved her around until he could get her hair wet. He washed and conditioned her hair and then his own before he took extra care bathing every part of her and then himself.

His breath caught in his throat when her tiny hand gripped his hard cock. He stayed still and let her play for a bit.

“I want you in my mouth.”

He looked down at her. “We’ll go slow. If it gets overwhelming, tell me.”

“I will.”

“All right. Get on your knees.”

She did as he told her and then grinned. She wouldn’t have an easy time sucking him because she was so small.

“Let’s do it this way.” He sat on one of the benches and brought her between his widespread legs. He pushed her hair to one side so he could see everything she did.

“Grip my cock with your hands and then lick the head.”

A moan flew from her mouth at the first taste of him.

His head fell back against the shower wall at the heat of her mouth and the way her tongue dipped into the tip to taste his pre-cum.

“That’s it. Use your tongue to caress underneath the head.” His grip on her hair tightened, making her whimper in need.

“Now take more. As much as you can.”

She sucked him down until the tip of him hit the back of her throat, making her gag. He pulled her mouth away. “Not so much. I don’t want you hurting yourself. Just suck it like you were doing.”

She nodded and did what he asked.

The sounds of need and appreciation coming from her made it impossible to hold out much longer.

“Baby, I’m going to come, and when I do, I want you to swallow every drop. Can you do that for daddy?”

She nodded enthusiastically and continued to work him.

“Fuck,” he growled as he started to come in spurts down her throat.

“That’s it, take every drop.” His head dropped back against the tile as he tried to come down to earth. Her mouth had been magical. He pulled her up onto his lap and took her mouth. Stroking and tasting it until they both moaned.

He raised his head. “Now it’s your turn.”

He grinned at the trepidation on her face as he stood and sat her on the bench with her ass off and her leaning back a bit.

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