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 Me And My Daddi

Season 3

Episode 2

Kaleb’s stomach twisted. “Jesus. How badly was she hurt?”

“Lana and I took her to see a doctor. She was sore, but he hadn’t done any damage. She knows about men, what they want from women, and how the body works. She’s not ignorant at all. She was genuinely shocked that the attorney wanted to sex with her.”

Gregory shook his head. “Lana kept her with us for about a week and talked to her until she understood and came to grips with it. She’s more cautious now, which is a good thing, but I hated to see the change in her.”

“Where’s the guy?”

“I asked another firm to hire him. He’s a good attorney, but I couldn’t have him around her.”

Kaleb nodded. She sounded a lot like his friends Gage’s and Darian’s littles, and he’d been looking for someone like that for years. He could see how protective his friend was, and he didn’t think he’d let him near her. He’d have to think about it for a bit. In the meantime, he’d discuss what he came in for.

He handed the file over to Gregory. “Here are the contracts we wanted you to look at.”

Gregory scanned them and then nodded. “I’ll get to these today and fax them over to you.”

Kaleb stood, leaned in, and shook Gregory’s hand. “Great. Tell Lana hi for me.”

“Will do. And Kaleb, I hope I didn’t insult you. I know you’re a good man. I just don’t know how she would deal with someone like you.”

Although he did resent it, he knew Gregory did it because he car

ed. “I understand. I like that you’re protective of her. I’ll see you later.”

Kaleb walked out of the office and closed the door before he strolled down the long hallway, looking into the offices he passed that had their door open. He stopped suddenly when he saw Aleena typing quickly on her computer, oblivious to him. He thought she was incredibly pretty. With her long, straight, dark hair to her brown, doe-like eyes, he guessed she had some Mexican in her genes.

He liked her petite figure, but she still had nice rounded hips and breasts. He watched her for several moments. Even her mannerisms caught his attention. She moved in a ladylike way. The tilt of her head, the way she crossed her legs under her chair, and how her long slim fingers flew over the keyboard.

Aleena turned to look at something on her desk and caught him staring. “Hi. Do you need anything?”

Kaleb shook his head. “No, I just wanted to say goodbye, and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

She smiled brightly, showing him the twin dimples on either cheek. “Bye.”

“I hope I see you again,” he said.

She looked a little confused but nodded anyway.

He turned away and walked off.

The rest of the day was spent trying to get her out of his mind.

Several hours later, he stared up at his ceiling in his bedroom. He hadn’t been able to get anything done that afternoon. Every thought was of Aleena, and he didn’t see it getting better anytime soon. He was quickly becoming obsessed with her, which pissed him off a bit but also made him think about the future like he hadn’t in a long while. He tended to live one day at a time because before meeting her, he hadn’t had anything to look forward to.

Now he did.


Five days passed without an idea on how to get past Gregory to get to her. He’d called the office to get some information on her, but they blocked all his inquiries.

He had called his private investigator a few days before to get any information on her he could, but he hadn’t heard from him yet. All he’d been able to give his guy was her first name and where she worked, so he assumed it would take longer.

That next Thursday, his mood went steadily downhill as one problem after another popped up throughout the day. It was one of those days he should have just stayed in bed.

Kaleb breathed a sigh of relief when the day was over, and he was able to go home. He planned to have a drink, or two, shower, maybe eat, and then drop into bed with the hope the next day might be better.

Generally, with a day he was having, he would have thought about asking a woman out or just to come to his house for a quick fuck, but it was out of the question. The only woman on his mind was Aleena.

He walked off the elevator of his building and headed toward the main doors. A savage curse spewed from his mouth when he saw the downpour he’d have to walk through to get to his car. A few people were still out on the sidewalks, rushing to get out of the rain.

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