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Me And My Daddi

Season 2

Episode 45

Darian tapped her nose. “You’re very welcome.”

Gage put Brylee into the car and made sure she was buckled before he drove out of the driveway.

They drove in silence back to the city. Gage had an arm around her when they rode up the elevator and into the condo.

“Are you ready to go to bed, love?”

Brylee bit her lip and nodded. “Yes, daddy.”

“Then let’s go,” he said and held out his hand.

Brylee clutched his hand.

“Did you have fun with Larkin?”

Brylee looked up at him and then down. “Yes. I love Larkin. I always have fun with her.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I hope we have her as a part of our family for the rest of our lives,” he said nonchalantly.

“I … we…” Brylee stuttered. “Me, too.”

Gage closed the bedroom door behind him. “Go on in and shower. I’ll be right in.”


Brylee studied his expression and couldn’t determine what was different about him. The thought he was ready for her to leave made her heart seize. She turned and walked into the bathroom, pulled her hair up into a messy bun, stripped, and then walked into the shower.

Brylee lifted her face so she could have the water wash away all the doubt the two girls had talked about. She was determined to enjoy however much time he gave her and not waste any on sad feelings. There would be time enough for them later.

Sher gasped when she felt a large, hot body against her back. She tilted her head to the side to give him more room to nibble on her neck. “Mmmm, that feels good.”

“Good,” he said and chuckled.

He turned her around, bent, and then started to kiss her.

Brylee couldn’t catch her breath. Every time he kissed her like he was, she gave him another part of her. She couldn’t explain it, not even to herself.

His hands roamed up and down her back and over her ass.

She shivered when he cupped her ass. His fingers were tucked in between her ass cheeks. She felt Gage reach for the shampoo. He put a dollop on his fingers and then moved them back to her ass.

She inhaled when one of his fingers slipped into her bottom. He’d fingered her ass a lot, and it was something she was beginning to crave.

“Tonight, I’m taking your ass.”

Excitement spiked, and her need for him grew. Her breath caught when one of his fingers penetrated her ass as far as it could go before pulling out, and two pushed in.

“Let’s get you stretched out a bit.” He held her up with one strong arm while his other hand prepared her for an ass fucking. He pulled out when her cries got desperate. Then he turned her to face the wall of the shower.

She heard a condom wrapper rip and a squirt of shampoo, and then she felt the head of his cock head at the entrance of her ass.

He held her steady with his hand on her hips. “Tell me if it becomes too painful.”

Brylee tried to relax as much as she could. The burn became almost too much, and then she felt a pop as his cock head got past the ring of muscles in her ass.

He was gentle and would push in an inch and then retreat but never leave her ass.

Finally, they both groaned when he bottomed out inside of her.


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