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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 2

Episode 37

“Larkin,” a woman called from across the room. “I’m ready for you.”

Larkin squeezed her hand. “I’ll see you soon when we get our pedicures.”

Brylee’s eyes widened. “There’s more?”

Candy chuckled. “Yup. The manicurist will be here in a bit to work on your hands while I do your hair. Then you’ll go off to get a pedicure, and while that’s drying, you’ll have your makeup done. When that’s all finished, You’ll get dressed, and then you’re off to a restaurant where you’ll meet your men.”

“Why am I exhausted when all I’ve been is pampered?” Brylee asked her.

Candy looked at her in the mirror. “Because you’re not used to it, and so you were probably tense the whole time. Next time will be better.”

Brylee was distracted when a lady with a cart walked up and sat down on a stool on rollers.

“Give me your hand, sweetie.”

Brylee watched as the woman put it in a bowl and then moved on to the next one. The woman went back and forth.”

“Now, you need to pick out a color.”

Brylee looked at the board that had all the colors. “Is there a soft pink?”

The lady nodded, held up the bottle to show Brylee, and smiled. “Yes, shell pink would be perfect.”

The lady had her nails painted by the time Candy got done with her hair.

Candy caught her attention. “What do you think?”

Brylee took a good look at her hair, and her mouth dropped open. Candy had taken very little off but had layered it enough to give it lift, so it didn’t hang in a heavy mass down her back.

“Oh, wow. Candy, I love it.”

Candy grinned and clapped. “Good.”

“Oh, man, Brylee, you look so pretty,” Larkin said as she came up behind them.

Brylee looked in the mirror. “You do, too.”

“She styled my hair today. I got it cut last time.”

Candy hugged Brylee. “I hope to see you soon.”

“Me, too. Thank you for being so nice to me.”

“It’s easy to do. You’re very sweet.”

Brylee followed behind Larkin and another woman. They were seated in chairs with their feet in warm water.

“Oh, this feels good,” Brylee commented, making Larkin giggle.

As one woman was taking care of their feet, another came out and started working on their makeup.

Before Brylee knew it, they were being ushered into a room and helped to get dressed.

She looked down at herself. “Where did these clothes come from?”

Larkin grinned. “I think Darian had them delivered.”

The dress she wore was a deep red that went perfectly with her skin tone. It was fitted around her boobs and waist, but the skirt flared out at the bottom and stopped a few inches above her knees. They helped her slip on short black heels.

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