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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 2

Episode 35

“Yes,” Larkin said.

“Come this way.” She led them to two small rooms. “Take off your clothes and put on the robes. When you’re done, come out to the hallway, and I’ll be waiting.”

Brylee looked nervously at Larkin. “Why do we have to get naked?” she whispered.

“Gage didn’t tell you what was happening today?”

“No. I don’t think he knew. Darian is the one who set it up.”

Larkin grinned. “Go with the flow. Most of it you’ll enjoy.”

“Most of it?” Brylee asked in dismay.

“Yes. But I guarantee Gage will love all of it.”

Brylee relaxed. She would do whatever to make him happy.

First came the mud dip. The girls were set in a tub full of mud for thirty minutes with seaweed wrapped around their faces.

“If I knew we were going to play in the mud, we could have just gone out to the country,” Brylee joked through a hole in the mask over her face.

The girls were washed off thoroughly and relaxed for a bit with a glass of champagne, and then they were put on a massage table. They were worked over from head to toe. By the time the masseuse was finished with her, Brylee felt like a noodle.

Next, they were taken to separate rooms.

The woman closed the door. “Go ahead and get the robe off and lie on the table.”

“What for?” Brylee asked.

“We’re going to sugar you.”

“What’s that?”

The girl grinned. “You don’t know what’s going on?”

Brylee shook her head.

“Sugaring is like waxing, but it’s better for your skin.”

“You’re going to wax my legs?”

“Honey, we’re waxing everything.”

Brylee’s mouth dropped open. “Even—” She squeaked and pointed down to her pussy.

“Yup. But I have a spray I’ll put on that deadens the area so you won’t feel so much pain. The first time is always the worst, but I swear the spray will help. With the mud bath, champagne, and massage, that will help too because it softened your skin and relaxed you.”

Brylee reluctantly slid off the robe and climbed up on the table.

“Lie back. I promise it’s not horrible. It will sting for a bit, but I guarantee your man will love it.”

Brylee relaxed.

“Let’s get you sprayed, so it has time to work, and I’ll start on your underarms.”

Brylee flinched when the woman told her to spread her legs and then put some cold spray on her genitals.

The woman had Brylee raise her arms over her head so she could get to her underarms. “You don’t have much here because you shaved, so it won’t take long.”

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