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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 2

Episode 34

Larkin told him while Brylee got in the back of the car. “What should we do?”

Both men looked furious at the tears in Brylee’s eyes.

Miller stepped forward to look at Brylee through the open door. “We have a list. We’ll go to the next one.”

Larkin nodded and got in.

Miller glanced at Ray. “I’ll be right back. Brylee, come with me.”

Miller led Brylee into the store.

“Are you the woman who insulted Mr. Marsh and Mr. Stanhope’s friend?”

The lady gasped behind them. “You don’t mean the Marsh and Stanhope of the Stapelton group?”

“That’s exactly who I’m talking about. You just insulted their women.”

She gasped with her hand over her mouth, and her eyes widened in horror as she stared at Brylee. “Oh, I’m sorry, miss. I didn’t know.”

“You shouldn’t have to know who they are to be nice to them. You’re a regular bitch, and I’m so happy to inform you probably just lost a hundred-thousand-dollar sale today. Good luck. I’m sure no one in the Stapleton group will ever be inside this store again. I’ll make sure Mr. Marsh and Mr. Stanhope know what happened.”

Miller guided Brylee into the back seat of the car before he got in the front passenger seat and looked back at the girls. He almost growled at the twin looks of sadness on their faces.

“Don’t you dare let that woman ruin your day. She’s not worth it. She’s cold and heartless, and she did us a favor. I wouldn’t want to give that woman any money.”

Brylee wiped a tear from her cheek. “You’re right, sir.”

Miller smiled. “I’m always right. Just ask Ray.”

Ray snorted, making both girls laugh.

Miller made Ray drive around while he texted Darian and told him the situation. Darian told him he’d call the next few places and make sure they treated them right but not to mention it to the girls what he was doing.

“Let’s go find the next one,” Miller said when he put his phone away.

Both girls were extremely nervous when Miller opened the door to the next shop. Right away, a woman came to them and smiled.

“What can I help you ladies with today?”

Larkin cleared her throat. “My friend here needs a new wardrobe.”

The woman smiled widely. “I love doing things like this.” She held her hand out to Brylee. “Come along, you two, and let’s get to work.”

Within two hours, Brylee had all the underwear she needed. Shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, and a few dresses. The only thing the store didn’t have was shoes, but they planned to go to the next shop for that.

Miller and Ray grabbed all the bags and put them in the huge trunk of the car while the girls hugged the saleslady goodbye.

They made it to two more stores before Brylee begged to stop.

The men took them to the restaurant Darian had made reservations at. They tried to get the guys to sit down with them, but they both told them their guys wouldn’t like it, and they were going to sit off to the side so they could watch them. Miller and Ray had to intervene three times when men tried to talk to the girls.

After the meal, the guards got the girls back into the car and headed to the spa, where they would spend the rest of the day.

Ray opened the building’s door for the girls.

Brylee was enthralled with the beautiful building.

“You must be Brylee and Larkin,” a woman said with a smile as she came their way.

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