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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 2

Episode 33

Brylee stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “Okay, daddy.” She grinned when Gage growled and kissed her hard.

“Go,” he said and smacked her ass. He laughed at the look she threw over her shoulder at him.

Gage waited until the door closed and then turned to Darian. “I miss her already.”

Darian snorted out a laugh. “Welcome to my world.”

“I’m going to my office to try to get things done.”

“The guys are supposed to check in with me all day. I’ll give you updates.”

Gage lifted his hand. “Thanks, man.”

In his office, he sat behind his desk and dazed off until his phone buzzed. “What is it, Val?”

“Can you take a call from Jason?”

“Yes, put him through.” Something to keep him busy, he thought.


Brylee followed Larkin out of the building and into the back of a fancy car while one of the men held the door for them, and then they both sat in front.

“Do you know where we’re going first?” Brylee asked.

“I’m not sure. Darian gave the guys a list of places and times.”

Brylee reached for Larkin’s hand. “I’m so glad to be with you today.”


??m so glad you and Gage got together.”

“I still don’t know what he sees in me.”

Larkin snorted. “You’ve never have seen what I see. You’re beautiful and sweet. He’s lucky to have you.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“Ladies, we’re at the first store,” Miller said as they pulled up. He got out and held the door open for them. “We’ll be right out here.”

Larkin and Brylee walked into a very classy women’s store and looked around in awe.

“How may we help you?” an elegant woman asked.

The girls turned to her.

“My friend here is looking for clothes,” Larkin said.

The woman’s lip curled as her gaze roamed over Brylee. “I’m not so sure we have her size in the store.”

Both girls stiffened.

Brylee turned to Larkin. “Can’t we leave?”

Larkin turned and pulled Brylee along and out the door.

“What happened?” Miller asked.

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