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 Me And My Daddi

Season 2

Episode 32

“Wow, you get your own spot?” Brylee asked.

Gage chuckled. “Yes, we’re spoiled like that.”

He led Brylee up in the elevator, then down a long hallway, and into an office.

He laughed and covered his ears when Larkin and Brylee caught sight of each other and screamed. He closed the door and walked over to sit on the edge of Darian’s desk.

“I would say they are excited to see each other,” Gage commented.

Darian snorted. “Really?” he said sarcastically.

The men waited for the woman to wind down a bit.

“Girls, you need to get a move on. Gage and I have the whole day planned for you.”

“Really, what?” Larkin asked.

“Well, first, you’re both going shopping at several stores that know you’re coming. You’ll have lunch, and then you have an appointment at the spa,” Darian informed them.

Larkin jumped up and down.

“What’s the spa?” Brylee asked.

Gage wrapped an arm around her waist. “You’re going to be pampered for a few hours.”

“I don’t need that.”

Gage cupped her cheek. “Please let me do this for you. Larkin can tell you what all happens because I don’t really know all of it. Darian set it up for us.”

Brylee looked over at Larkin and smiled at her excitement. “All right.”

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Darian called.

Two huge, mean-looking men stepped in.

“Good, I’m glad you’re here. Girls, I want you to meet Ray and Miller. These guys will be with you the whole time.”

“Why?” Brylee asked.

Gage kissed the top of her head. “Because we want you protected at all times.”


“It’s non-negotiable, baby. If you’re not with us, we’ll have someone with you. Is that going to be a problem?”

Brylee looked over at Larkin.

Gage caught Larkin’s smile of encouragement and nod before Brylee looked back at him.

“Okay, whatever you think is best.”

“Thank you. We’ll see you later this afternoon, and we’ll all have dinner together.”

“I’d like that.’

Gage bent and pressed his lips to Brylee’s. “Have a good time, baby.”

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