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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 2

Episode 14

Tommy insinuated himself between the men. “Let him go, Gage.”

Gage cursed under his breath and released the man. He glanced at Brylee. “Do you have anything you need to get before we go?”

“Yes, I have a few things in my locker.”

One of the cops stepped forward. “I’ll take her to get them.”


Brylee walked away, aware the officer followed her closely. She made it to her locker and put in the combination.

“What the fuck, Bry? Did little miss goody-two-shoes break the law?”

Brylee stiffened at her roommate’s voice. “No, Brenda.” She turned back, pulled her big bag out, and stuffed the few things she had into it.

Brenda walked up and leaned her shoulder against the wall of lockers. Her gaze went from Brylee to the cop, where it roamed up and down and then back to Brylee. “Tell me what’s going on. Are you quitting? Or did you finally get fired?”


“About time. You didn’t fit in here at all. You’re way too immature. What about the apartment? You can’t walk away from that.”

Brylee turned toward her. “I’m not sure.”

Brenda straightened and scowled. “Listen, bitch. You can’t fucking run out on us.”

“Actually, I can. I didn’t sign a lease.”

The cop pushed Brenda back when she came at Brylee. “Miss, you need to step back.”

Brenda trembled in anger, and her gaze narrowed. “I’ll be talking to you later.”

Brylee exhaled as she watched the girl walk off.

“She’s a piece of work, isn’t she?”

Brylee smiled up at the cop. “You have no idea.”

“Let’s get you back before your man comes looking for you.”

Brylee opened her mouth to refute the claim Gage was her man but kept it shut. At that moment, she had no idea what was going on.

Gage straightened when she came out of the back and headed toward them. He wrapped an arm around her waist. “Ready?”

She nodded.

“I meant what I said, girl. If you leave, that’s it.”

Brylee looked toward Randy. The man had sexually harassed her since the first day she worked there. She was actually thrilled to leave the place. He’d always given her the creeps.

“I’m sorry,” she said and turned to walk out.


Gage kept her by his side. He stopped them outside and shook hands with the officers, thanking them for their help before leading her to his car. After opening her door, he put her bag in the back and then closed it as she settled in the seat.

He started the car and pulled away before he reached for her hand. “I’m sorry about that. I had a bad feeling, and I couldn’t just let you work there another minute.”

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