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Me And My Daddi 

Season 2

Episode 10

Brylee grabbed Larkin’s hands and squeezed. “I know, but we’ve talked about this before. I don’t want him to not let me come back to see you.”


“You know it’s a possibility. I don’t want to take the chance. Do you?”

Larkin shook her head sadly.

Brylee hugged her friend. “Please tell Darian thank you for me. I’m afraid if I do, he’ll keep me from going.”

“Call me when you get back to your apartment.”

“I will,” Brylee said and walked back into the house.


Thirty minutes later, Darian found Larkin sitting in a chair with stark sadness in her expression and staring off into space. He sat down on the end of the lounger and faced her.

“Hey, sweetheart. What’s wrong?” he asked as he slid his palm up and down her leg.

“I know it’s weird, but I miss Brylee already.”

Darian grinned. “She hasn’t left yet, baby.”

Larkin looked away.

Darian stiffened. “Where is she?”

“She left a while ago.”

“What? How? I thought I told you two I’d figure out something.”

“I know. She said she didn’t want to be a bother. She’s afraid you won’t let her come back to visit.”

Gage heard their discussion and walked out of the house to see Darian pinching the bridge of his nose. “What’s going on?”

“Brylee took off.”

Gage stared at Darian. “Took off? Where in the hell did she go?”

“I assume the bus station,” Darian said and turned back to Larkin with a raised brow.

Larkin bit her lip, looked down, and nodded.

“How?” Gage asked.

“She called a taxi.”

Larkin flinched when both men cursed.

“I’ll go find her,” Gage said and rushed back into the house.

It only took fifteen minutes to get to the nearest bus station, but she’d already gone by the time he’d gotten there.

Frustrated, Gage slammed his palm against the steering wheel. He turned around and headed back to Darian’s to get his briefcase and say goodbye.

Darian and Larkin were standing at the front door when he returned.

“Find her?” Darian asked.

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