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(Too Unreliable)

Zhong Hang was really putting in their full effort.

Hence, on Qiao Luna’s side was Li Youjun, the new actor who was the nation’s boyfriend.

And Shen Xijun, the outstanding performance artist.

Along with Qiao Luna, the representative of the new generation of actors.

It can be said that they managed to totally cover the elderly, the middle-aged, and the young audiences.

It looked like Qiao Luna was really placing a high level of emphasis on this show, and regarding the first challenge since she appeared in the public eye again, she had a lot of ambition.

“Teacher Shen, Youjun.” Qiao Luna’s makeup was done halfway when she pushed aside the makeup artist and hurriedly stood up to welcome them.

Shen Xijun and Li Youjun did not have much of a relationship with Qiao Luna. It was all Zhong Hang who contacted them for her.

Shen Xijun smiled and explained, “Sorry, I came a bit later. I just passed by the other dressing room on the other side and saw a few people I am familiar with, so I went to chat.”

Shen Xijun was referring to the original show’s actors whom the show had invited for this episode.

“No worries, it’s still quite early for you to have come,” Qiao Luna said with a smile. “The guests whom Lu Man has invited have yet to come.”

As Qiao Luna said that, she was also curious as to who Lu Man invited.

For them to not come until now, it can’t be that she didn’t invite anyone, right?

That would be really interesting.

“Oh?” Shen Xijun took a look at the time. “So they’re not here yet. They can’t be late, right? It’s about time for the filming already.”

Just as they were saying that, Chi Xingrui hurriedly walked over. He saw that Qiao Luna’s makeup was half-done and was stunned, then said, “Luna, how long more does your makeup need? We still have half an hour before we start filming. The other teachers are already prepared, we can’t let the teachers wait.”

The actor-teachers from the original show whom the show invited were all chatting in the other dressing room.

Because they had not seen each other for many years, it was like they had a lot of words they wanted to say and missed each other too much. They could not stop talking once they started.

Qiao Luna hurriedly said, “I saw Teacher Shen and was so excited that I forgot I was in the middle of doing makeup. I’ll go now, very fast.”

Qiao Luna returned to her seat and had the makeup artist continue doing her makeup for her.

On this side was the younger generation, and Shen Xijun was not familiar with them. She told Chi Xingrui, “I’ll go to the other dressing room to find Lao Zhu and the rest.”

“Ah, okay, please do.” Anyway, they were going to go on stage together in a while. It was alright for her to wait there.

After sending Shen Xijun away, Chi Xingrui looked around the dressing room.

Li Youjun was already sitting in front of the mirror to do makeup.

It was not as complicated doing makeup for guys compared to women, so the makeup artist who was doing makeup for Lu Man before helped do makeup for Li Youjun.

Just putting on a bit of foundation and drawing the eyeliner and eyebrow was enough. All they needed to do then was just to improve the lip color a bit.

Chi Xingrui still felt that something was wrong, like it was lacking a bit.

Suddenly, Chi Xingrui hit his thigh. He remembered. “Lu Man, where are the guests that you found? They aren’t here yet?”

Lu Man looked at the time and said, “There’s one on the road. They just told me that they are arriving soon. The other two will be able to arrive only after we start to film. Anyway, it’s the last event of the show. Their schedules are a bit busy, so they can only rush over for the last part of the show.”

Chi Xingrui frowned. He had yet to say something when Qiao Luna’s side finished her makeup. As the makeup artist was helping her curl her hair, she opened her mouth and said, “Who did you ask? So unreliable. How busy are they to be able to rush over only at the last part?”

Xiao Zhao quickly said, “Can they be busier than Teacher Shen Xijun? Teacher Shen Xijun is a performance artist, and she found time to participate in the show. Could the guests you sought out be even more of a big-shot? For them to have such a full schedule?”



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