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(Coming to Find Them)

Wang Juhuai was staying in the guest room, and normally, they would be chatting like this or going out and about to walk around.

Today, they had remembered the game that the two of them had played together when they were young, and Wang Juhuai had suggested that they play Monopoly together.

They did not do anything more intimate.

But in other people’s eyes, it was definitely not like that.

Xia Qingwei’s face turned red upon thinking about it. “Your Uncle Wang’s new house is being renovated. He bought a villa in the villa area in this neighborhood, but he was not satisfied with the renovations and the things that came with the house, so he took everything down and decorated it according to his taste.”

The truth was that it was according to her taste, and Wang Juhuai had insisted on pulling her to investigate the renovations and designs for villas.

He had found a designer and also wanted to ask for her opinion. He was asking what she liked, whether that design was good or not.

And in the end, unknowingly, everything was being renovated based on her opinion.

Wang Juhuai had said this, “I chose to stay and not leave, and it’s because of you. My buying a villa in this neighborhood is also because of you. I hope that we can continue to stay in that house together in the future, so naturally, I’ll follow what you like.”

To be direct, the house was bought for Xia Qingwei.

“To make it convenient to see how the renovation is going, he’s temporarily staying here,” Xia Qingwei explained. “How long is Xiao Han going on a work trip for? How about you come back here to stay?”

Wang Juhuai felt very awkward. “If Lu Man is returning here to stay, then it wouldn’t be very convenient for me to also stay here. I’ll move out first and I’ll come back after a few days.”

Xia Qingwei could not help but glare at him. Why was he talking like this was his house?!

Lu Man smiled. “There’s no need, there’s no need, I’m not planning on coming back to stay. He’ll be back on the morning of the ninth day after the New Year. At that time, we two can directly go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. I’m here today just to take a look, then I’ll be going back first.”

“This child!” How could Xia Qingwei let her go? She cleared up the games on the floor. “You can just stay and eat lunch here today. We are planning on eating dumplings in the afternoon.”

Actually, Wang Juhuai had said that, having stayed overseas for so many years, he could not eat authentic dumplings at all.

The Chinese restaurants overseas had changed until they had suited the local taste. Not nice at all.

So, Xia Qingwei had made dumplings today.

Hearing what Xia Qingwei said, Lu Man thought that her relationship with Wang Juhuai had really slowly become very good.

Even she herself did not notice, but the feeling she gave off when they were talking was already very intimate.

“Alright,” Lu Man agreed.


And at that moment, Lu Qiyuan was driving a car, bringing Xia Qingyang along, and came to the entrance of the neighborhood of Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingyang looked at the location and environment of the neighborhood.

After finding out that Xia Qingwei was staying here, she had specially checked the price of the houses here.

At that moment, she said in a dark tone, “Lu Man has really earned a lot of money if they’d moved to such a good place. No wonder we couldn’t find her before. The houses over here cost around 20 million yuan. Haha, Lu Man has money to buy a house but has no money to help you. The money that the Lu Corporation gave The Performer to be its main sponsor is 40 million yuan. If she’d given you 20 million yuan, your pressure would have been reduced instantly.”

Xia Qingyang was very scared that Lu Qiyuan would blame the fact that the Lu Corporation had lost money on Lu Qi.

It was Lu Qi who had convinced Lu Qiyuan to be the main sponsor of The Performer as she’d been planning on trying to get in through the back door through that show.

Who’d have known that participating in the show would have no good effect at all and that she’d even get scolded by the netizens?

The Performer‘s viewership ratings were not good, and it looked like the money that the Lu Corporation had invested was about to go to waste.

Because of that, Xia Qingyang was using all her power to push Lu Qiyuan’s anger onto Lu Man.



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