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(Getting the Marriage Certificate as Soon as They Returned)

Lu Dongliu: “…”

Alright, he finally could see it.

No matter what kind of double win it was or whom she would double win with, it was for sure that Lu Man would win.

And so, the cooperation between the two was confirmed.

She had just hung up when she saw Han Zhuoli walk over.

Seeing his dark face, Lu Man directly extended a hand towards him. “What is it?”

Han Zhuoli held on to the hand Lu Man had extended, sat by her side, and pulled Lu Man into his embrace.

“I have to go on a work trip. I’ll be leaving tonight and will come back on the ninth day after the Chinese New Year,” Han Zhuoli said.

Wasn’t that the day they were supposed to get their marriage certificate?

Han Zhuoli said, “I’ll rush back on the morning of that day.”

Han Zhuoli looked at his schedule on his phone. “The flight will land at 10:30 am. At that time, we can directly meet at the doorway of the Civil Affairs Bureau. I can arrive roughly before 11:30.”

She had originally wanted to say that maybe they should get their marriage certificate another day, but upon hearing that he would be coming back so early, Lu Man did not say anything else.

Han Zhuoli held her hand, his forefingers touching the tips of her fingers one by one, then interlacing them. “Anyway, no matter what, we must definitely get our marriage certificate on that day. We can’t delay it.”

The earlier he married her, the more at ease he’d feel.

This Chinese New Year holiday was probably the hardest holiday he had gone through. He wanted the time to pass faster, to be able to marry her as soon as possible.

“Are you finished with your luggage packing?” Lu Man asked. “What time are you leaving tonight?”

“Not yet. My flight is at eight pm,” Han Zhuoli said.

This holiday was probably the longest time she had spend with him after she got together with Han Zhuoli.

Most of the time, the two of them did not go anywhere and just stayed together, not feeling annoyed or bored no matter how long they did so.

Anyway, to Lu Man, even if she was looking at Han Zhuoli’s face every second and every minute, no matter how long she looked, she would not be bored of it.

Han Zhuoli’s face was handsome and very nice to look at; no matter how long she looked, she would not get tired of looking.

She just kept feeling like she had not looked at him enough.

This holiday, they were stuck together day and night, causing her to feel more unwilling to separate with him.

“I’ll go and help you pack your luggage,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli then followed Lu Man as they returned to the room together, and Lu Man helped him to pack bit by bit.

She even prepared flu and stomach medicine. “It’s very easy to be unused to the weather and food when you are overseas. It’s better to prepare these.”

Then she helped him pack in an umbrella and a raincoat.

When it was inconvenient to use an umbrella, he could wear a raincoat.

Bits and pieces, all kinds of detailed items, Lu Man packed them in for him.

In the past, it was Auntie He who packed for Han Zhuoli, and Han Zhuoli liked to pack simply, not liking bringing too many things, and naturally, Auntie He did not dare to not listen to him.

But Lu Man did not feel that kind of stress.

She packed very well for him.

“I’ll send you off tonight,” Lu Man said.

“Don’t, I don’t feel at ease letting you come back by yourself.” Han Zhuoli directly carried her and sat by the bedside. “I’ll give you a call when I reach the airport.”

Lu Man nodded, her forehead resting on his shoulder.

Han Zhuoli saw her very cute look and had a difficult time imagining how she’d angered Ge Guangzhen so much just now.

“I will not be here, so if you have something you need help with, feel free to ask Manager Hao. Zheng Tianming is going with me for the overseas work trip. Sometimes, it might not be convenient to contact me or him due to the time difference and I might not be able to reply to you instantly,” Han Zhuoli instructed, “So, for anything concerning the entertainment industry, you can directly look for Manager Hao. If you want to investigate anything, find Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui.”

“Alright.” Lu Man nodded. “You don’t need to be worried.”

Han Zhuoli smiled. “Anyway, the celebrities under the Han Corporation won’t participate in The Performer.”




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