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(Face as Black as Charcoal)

Ge Guangzhen was so furious, he wanted to break something.

This Lu Man, how could she not fall for either the carrot or the stick!

The way she talked was too infuriating!

Lu Man smiled and said, “Thirdly, other than your production team itself, there’s another reason why I won’t agree to work for your production team.”

Ge Guangzhen frowned. “What’s the reason?”

“Because your main sponsor is the Lu Corporation,” Lu Man said directly.

Ge Guangzhen suddenly recalled the conflict between Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan.

No, it was probably no longer suitable to just call it a conflict.

It wouldn’t be too much to even call the two of them enemies.

Lu Man was very straightforward and blunt too. “If I help your production team become popular, won’t the main sponsor, the Lu Corporation, become popular too?”

Ever since The Performer had started to partner with the Lu Corporation, both of them had become one entity to Lu Man.

Ge Guangzhen was shocked. “Because of the Lu Corporation, you won’t help us?”

“Yes,” Lu Man said very assuredly.

“If the Lu Corporation wasn’t around, would you help our show?” Ge Guangzhen asked.

Lu Man smiled lightly. “I can consider it then.”

Ge Guangzhen: “…”

So the biggest reason wasn’t the conflict between Lu Man and their production team. It was completely because of the conflict between Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan!

How could their production team be implicated in this?!

Ge Guangzhen took in a deep breath. Right now, he wanted to immediately break their contract with the Lu Corporation.

But it was already too late!

“Let’s end this talk here, alright?” Lu Man said to Ge Guangzhen as she smiled. “Besides, I’m not the only one in this field, you can also seek out someone else.”

Ge Guangzhen was just about to say something when the secretary from outside the door knocked and entered.

“What’s the matter?” Ge Guangzhen covered the microphone of his phone.

“The chief needs you to head over, sir,” the assistant said softly.

“Got it.” Ge Guangzhen released his grip and said to Lu Man, “I understand.”

After he finished, he hung up the phone.

Ge Guangzhen went to the chief’s office. Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station’s face was as black as charcoal. The report of The Performer‘s viewership ratings was also on the table.

“I heard that you’ve contacted Lu Man? How did she reply?” Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station asked solemnly.

“She rejected it.” Ge Guangzhen hurriedly explained, “Not because of her conflict with the production team, but because the main sponsor of The Performer is the Lu Corporation.”

“So? What do you plan to do after this?” Chief Hu asked.

“The production team can’t break our contract with the Lu Corporation, so it seems that Lu Man won’t be a possibility anymore. I’ll look for other public relations teams. The second episode has already been recorded. We’ll strive to raise the viewership ratings. The viewership ratings of that episode of Classic X Files managed to blow up because Lu Man had invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng. They can’t possibly invite another heavyweight guest like them again for the next episode, right? So, for the second episode, we can still fight.”

Chief Hu raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure? Right now, The Performer still has a bunch of mess to clean up. The second episode has been recorded, but what about after that? There are so many artistes who have already decided to leave.”

Chief Hu’s liver started hurting just thinking about it. “If you guys hadn’t riled up Lu Man in the first place, right now, Ji Cheng and Sun Yiwu would have been the guests in the first episode of The Performer. It would have been our station whose viewership ratings had blown up. Dong Hua Station would completely have had nothing to do about it at all! The people working under you couldn’t control their own months. You have been with the station for so long, so do you also think that our station is invincible and has no competition, that you could just manipulate a small artiste like Lu Man? Is that it?”

Ge Guangzhen lowered his head. Right now, he still wasn’t sure how things had ended up this way.

In a haze of confusion, everything had immediately become such a mess.

If he went to ask those other people who were defeated by Lu Man, they would probably all give him the same answer. “Back then, we too didn’t know how things had ended up in that state. In a blur, we have foolishly lost.”



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