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(Don’t Go Overboard)

Ge Guangzhen paused. “Never mind, I’ll contact her personally.”

The relationship between their production team and Lu Man was really tense. Ge Guangzhen wasn’t sure that Lu Man would be willing to help either.

After asking Team Leader Wu and the others to leave, Ge Guangzhen called Lu Man personally.

“Hello.” Lu Man picked up the phone rather quickly.

“Lu Man, hello. I’m the executive director of The Performer, Ge Guangzhen,” Ge Guangzhen said.

Lu Man really didn’t expect that Ge Guangzhen would call. She said lightly, “Hello.”

Ge Guangzhen paused for a moment and said, “It’s like this, our production team right now is in a pretty awkward and difficult spot. I believe that you know about it too.”

“I’ve heard things,” Lu Man said calmly.

Ge Guangzhen rolled his eyes dramatically. He thought to himself, Why are you still pretending?

You played such a huge role in making the production team end up like this today!

Besides, when you were paying attention to the viewership ratings of Classic X Files*, how could you not know about the pitiful state of* The Performer*?*

Moreover, it was very likely that this time was all of your doing!

“I’ll be straightforward, then. I’m representing our production team to ask you to help us solve the difficult situation our show is currently facing.” Ge Guangzhen said. “The fee for your public relations job will be according to your market rate.”

“I’m sorry, I won’t be able to help,” Lu Man said.

Ge Guangzhen pursed his lips and said, “Lu Man, I know that there was some unhappiness between us, but these are two separate matters. There’s no need to drag it over to work. This is a work matter, and as a professional public relations officer, you should be more professional with your work. Don’t let your personal emotions affect your work.”

Lu Man laughed a little. This Ge Guangzhen was here to ask her to help but ended up trying to educate her.

“I’m not agreeing to it partly because of your production team. I might be a public relations professional, but I have my own likes. I have the right to decide if I want to accept your job offer based on my likes and wants. I don’t like how your production team has behind-the-scenes dealings, and I don’t like how your production team works. Back then, you guys slandered me, but right now, if I help you out because of money, that would just make me so despicable.” Lu Man laughed lightly.

Ge Guangzhen forcefully held back his anger and said, “Back then, what happened was my decision. I admit that my decision was wrong. I would like to apologize to you now. I hope that we can let bygones be bygones.”

Ge Guangzhen paused and said, “Lu Man, as long as you help our show this one time, other than giving you the public relations fee you deserve, I can also promise you that there will definitely be a spot for you to guest in our Xing Ke Station’s flagship variety show.”

Ge Guangzhen’s promise was a pretty big deal. Xing Ke Station was a huge station; hence, they would have a wide array of really rich variety shows.

Many artistes liked Xing Ke Station’s variety shows. Some of them were even willing to ask for a much lower pay just so that they could appear on one and get some publicity.

When Classic X Files managed to crush The Performer‘s viewership ratings to smithereens, it was only so shocking because this was way out of the ordinary. It was even something that had never happened before.

If it was a program on Xing Ke Station, no matter how bad it was, their viewership ratings wouldn’t be crushed so badly.

Ge Guangzhen was the executive director only for The Performer and not for any other program.

For him to dare to say that, he would definitely have to owe the directors of other shows a favor.

It could be said that Ge Guangzhen was really at his wits’ end.

Lu Man was barely moved by that. “I still can’t agree.”

“Lu Man, this is already the best condition I could offer, don’t go too overboard,” Ge Guangzhen said in all seriousness. “I’ve come to seek you out with my greatest sincerity. We can completely forget about all the unhappiness between us in the past. From now, there would be plenty of opportunities for us to work together.”



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