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(Bow Down to the Great Lu Man)

Xu Jingfeng, who also won the competition, expressed that he would never participate in it again.

As for those artistes who hadn’t recorded the show yet, they saw that the matter had blown up so much that it was even more serious than during the incident with Lu Man.

Hence, all of them declared that they would be leaving the show.

“How could they just one-sidedly leave the show?” Ge Guangzhen said angrily. “Do they think the contract is just some joke?”

“Jiang Yuhan’s manager has contacted us already,” Team Leader Wu said. “They can pay us back based on the contract.”

“Same for the others,” Assistant Director Wang said.

“If this goes on, we won’t even be able to record our second episode,” the new assistant director called Zhang, who was here to replace Xu Yaojie, said.

Manager Wu said hesitantly, “Director Ge, I have an idea, but I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

“We’re already at this stage, what’s there left that should not be said?!” Ge Guangzhen said anxiously. “Say it. At this juncture, no matter what the idea is, just say it out loud. We can discuss its possibility.”

“Should we ask Lu Man to help us with public relations?” Team Leader Wu said. “If we do not, even if we really manage to broadcast the next episode, it will still be a problem as to whether or not people would watch it. In this aspect, Lu Man is the real top expert in the field. No one is faster than she is in terms of public relations. Lin Yi might be impressive, but the main point is that Wei Zilin is not in the entertainment industry and focuses mainly on business public relations. In a situation such as this, it would be more suitable to look for Lu Man.”

Ge Guangzhen frowned. He was unwilling to bow down to Lu Man.

“Director Ge, consider it properly. We are in conflict with Lu Man, but would this conflict really be that big that it would make our show stop airing? Look at all the ruckus that’s going on on the internet.” Team Leader Wu urged. “Lu Man’s tactic is just right there. Classic X Files sought out Lu Man, and in the end, their viewership ratings for that episode broke 2%.”

Right now, there was even a saying, “If you get Lu Man, you will get viewership ratings too.”

At first, Lu Man was raising up a storm only in the film industry. After all, there were differences between film, television shows, and variety shows.

Different professions are different worlds.

One might be able to make it in the film industry, but that didn’t mean that one would be like a fish in water in the television industry or the variety show industry as well.

When it came to variety shows, especially, there were many artistes who originally had a pretty good reputation but whose image after they’d joined a variety show immediately crashed, causing many of their fans to leave.

People always had their own strengths and weaknesses.

And yet, Lu Man seemed to have no shortcomings at all. As long as it was something in the entertainment industry, she was good at anything!

For example, with Classic X Files, Lu Man showed an honest, legitimate, and irrefutable example.

Right now, there were many television stations itching and getting ready to seek out Lu Man and ask her to join their shows.

They all wished that she could help their viewership ratings rise a little.

It was as if they had completely lost all logic and reason and blindly believed that Lu Man definitely would find a way for them.

Team Leader Wu realized that he had such a feeling too.

If it was Lu Man, she could definitely bring back The Performer from the dead and help it completely make a comeback.

“Perhaps it was Lu Man who made our show end up like this right now!” Ge Guangzhen said.

“Even so, so what? Even if this time was not because of Lu Man, at the very start, it was Lu Man who exposed the behind-the-scenes dealings in our production team. And this time, Classic X Files had paid Lu Man and so, naturally, she had to work for Classic X Files. However, that would make things a lot easier. Lu Man can work for Classic X Files, and she can also work for us.”

Ge Guangzhen was silent. Even if they didn’t ask Lu Man for help, would it even work if they sought out anyone else?

Ge Guangzhen nodded with much difficulty. “Alright, you, go and…”



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