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(Totally Dead)

Lu Dongliu laughed and said, “I thought you had already completed your job. Because of you, our show has totally stepped on The Performer in terms of viewership ratings.”

Lu Dongliu thought that with this alone, Lu Man had completed her assignment already.

The next episode had nothing to do with this episode.

He did not think that Lu Man felt that her task was not yet completed at all.

“Alright, then, I’ll pass this thing on to you.” Lu Dongliu happily hung up the phone.

With the presence of Lu Man in their hair, The Performer was now probably totally dead.

Ni Xue was still happy.

Originally, she’d seen the situation between her and Lu Qi being brought up and thought that she was over already.

Who’d have known that the netizens would be standing on her side, even feeling heartache for her, and that all of them would be attacking Lu Qi?

It looked like there was a possibility for her popularity to increase.

But Ni Xue had yet to feel happy when a large verified account in the entertainment circle, Expert On Watching Drama From The Sidelines, posted, “You guys are all feeling heartache for Ni Xue? Don’t joke. At that time, when they signed the contract, didn’t she already know about the internal decisions in The Performer? Didn’t she know that if the production team wanted her to win, she would win, and that if they wanted her to lose, she would lose? Didn’t she already know that the production team would discuss it with her first, whether they’d let her win or lose? Even though she knew these things, she chose to sign the contract. She herself does not care if she wins or loses. She was willing to fake results with the production team. Her losing to Lu Qi was of her own will. She and Lu Qi, as well as the production team, acted out a show together. Yet you guys still feel heartache for her?”

“Haha, to be famous, Ni Xue does not care about using these schemes at all. So you all should not let your heart ache for her.”

When Expert On Watching Drama From The Sidelines posted that, the netizens who had been angered because of Lu Qi and the production team were reminded of that fact.

Ni Xue, who had originally been pitied, was stunned in an instant.

It was also the case that the good foundation that Wu Guan, Xu Jingfeng, Jiang Yuhan, and Xu Fei had created was ruined by Ni Xue and Lu Qi.

Even Wu Guan and the other three were affected.

Especially Jiang Yuhan. Her acting skills had been improving, but now, the netizens were suspecting that she had faked things for money.

All the celebrities in the first episode were suspected.

Even those celebrities whose participation the production team had already announced but whose episodes had yet to be aired were all affected.

The Performer’s view count on the Xing Ke Station’s official website was not increasing anymore.

“What is the number of views online now?” Ge Guangzhen asked.

Team Leader Wu sighed and said, “It’s just at 2.58 million views right now.”

“Why is it so few!” Ge Guangzhen was anxious.

This was Xing Ke Station’s website!

Normally, their popular variety shows would all have tens of millions of views by now, and after a few days, it would reach a billion.

But The Performer had only 2.58 million!

It was already a mess online.

Ni Xue was being attacked, Lu Qi was being attacked, Wu Guan was being attacked, Xu Jingfeng was being attacked, Jiang Yuhan was being attacked, and Xu Jingfeng was being attacked!

Because of The Performer, the celebrities who participated were greatly affected.

Jiang Yuhan was the first to speak out: “At the start, *The Performer’*s production team (I’ll simply call it production team from now) did not invite me, and later on, the Internet had exposed The Performer’s internally-decided competition results. Because of this, a lot of seniors in the industry had pulled out. Later on, the production team came to find me and promised that there would definitely be no internal decisions. I was moved by the sincerity of the production team, so I agreed to participate. I followed the rules and competed. Whether there were internal decisions in the episode I won, I’m not sure. The production team has never mentioned it to me. But if there really was, I’m very sorry for making you all disappointed. So, I decided to pull out of The Performer. I will not be participating in the competition from today onwards.”



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