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(How Could This Person Be So Lacking in Morals?)

“Lu Qi’s performance is very normal. Sure, it’s not like Qiao Luna’s, which was practically the scene of a car crash. But compared to Ni Xue, it’s obvious that she is lacking. Why would those audience members vote for Lu Qi?”

“Since it’s an audience vote and the judges don’t participate, then what they are competing on are popularity and acting skills. In terms of acting skills, Ni Xue is obviously better than Lu Qi. In terms of popularity, Lu Qi has been unpopular for very long already and does not have many fans. Why does she have more votes than Ni Xue?”

“As expected, The Performer has internal workings.”

“Even if you say there aren’t any internal workings, I won’t believe it.”

“Haha, Lu Qi is really so disgusting. Her acting skills are not even good enough, yet she doesn’t have any self-awareness and insisted on getting the win. Her over-confident face is too much.”

It was usually the case that the main sponsor would have someone whom they had invested in enter the show, and they’d request for the production team to give this celebrity special treatment and have him or her enjoy some special privileges.

These were all rules that had already been silently agreed on.

Even if they didn’t mention it, everyone would all know what was going on.

In fact, they would even feel that this was something normal.

But as soon as it was brought up in front of people, it no longer seems to be a very good practice, and it was easy to be attacked by other fans of celebrities and by netizens.

Just like Lu Qi at present.

Her acting skills were not good enough, and her popularity was not good enough, yet she wanted to make an appearance.

So, Ni Xue’s fans were unhappy, and all ran to the production team’s Weibo and Lu Qi’s Weibo to scold them.

“What kind of horrible show are you running, treating our Xiao Xue like that? It serves you right that your viewership ratings have flopped!”

There was even a trending topic called “Heart Aches For Ni Xue.”

Also, there was a topic called “Lu Qi Get Out Of The Entertainment Industry.”

Lu Qi exploded in anger. She had originally been planning on using this show to increase her popularity.

Yet who knew that there would be this kind of situation?

During the show yesterday, her turn had come with much difficulty, but the audience members changed stations.

Still, she should have been able to use the views on the online video to make a comeback, but who’d have guessed that a large verified account in the entertainment industry would manage to destroy that path as well?

That Eight Skin Entertainment was horrible. Even if he said that there was something wrong with the competition between her and Ni Xue, those netizens who did not watch would have been curious and gone to Xing Ke Station’s website to watch it there. That would have been fine too.

It would have increased the views on the show and boosted her popularity.

But he had created a solo clip of her and Ni Xue. She did not manage to gain anything. In fact, she was even scolded by Ni Xue’s fans!

It was not only Lu Qi who was cursing out Eight Skin Entertainment. Ge Guangzhen was too.

He could have left Ni Xue and Lu Qi’s situation alone for now. At least at the moment, this was to have been a good chance to increase the views online.

Yet this sort of good chance was ruined by Eight Skin Entertainment.

Why was this person so horrible?!

Eight Skin Entertainment went to Lu Man. “I have to say, you are really too evil. You were the one who made the clip of the show and thought of this plan, but in the end, the one being scapegoated is me.”

“Haha,” Lu Man laughed. “Thank you so much. But because of this, didn’t your fans increase in number again?”

Eight Skin Entertainment: “… That’s true.”

At that moment, Lu Dongliu also made a phone call.

Lu Man hurriedly told Eight Skin Entertainment, “Let me pick up this call.”

Eight Skin Entertainment: “Go on.”

Lu Man closed the chat window and picked up the phone. “Director Lu?”

“Lu Man, dear, the situation with Lu Qi and Ni Xue online, did you do it?” Lu Dongliu asked.

Lu Man smiled and admitted it. “I took your public relations fee. I can’t take your money and not do anything, right?”



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