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(Heart Aches for Wei Zhiqian)

Lin Liye smiled and took Xia Qingwei’s gift. Still smiling, she said, “Why did you spend so much money?”

Xia Qingwei smiled and shook her head. “It’s the first time we’re meeting. It’s what I should do.”

Now, it was not only Lu Man who earned quite a bit. Because she was teaching the violin to students in school, Xia Qingwei also had a good salary.

To buy this gift, she used the money she earned.

Lin Liye opened the box and took a look. It was a beeswax pendant, and it’s not an ordinary one.

The color of the beeswax was very bright, and although in the Han Family’s eyes, it was not something that was especially outstanding—after all, they had seen everything before—this was not a gift that was randomly chosen.

Lin Liye smiled and thanked her, and she instantly carried it over to put it on Han Linkai.

The Old Mrs. Han was very satisfied looking at it. Her oldest daughter-in-law was much more generous than her oldest son.

Xia Yixin was not very happy. Wearing this ordinary thing looked bad!

Lin Liye narrowed her eyes and covered Xia Yixin’s reaction by holding her wrist, using a bit of strength.

Xia Yixin could only hold back her unwillingness and let Lin Liye put it on Han Linkai.

Han Xijin saw that it was about time and said, “Let’s go, we should go and give our New Year greetings.”

Han Zhuoli motioned at Lu Man. “I’ll bring Lu Man and we’ll go together.”

“Right right right, go together!” Old Mrs. Han was excited instantly.

With Han Zhuoli bringing Lu Man to give their new year greetings, those whose grandson was already married would not feel anything.

But those whose grandsons were not married would be extremely jealous.

Especially Old Mrs. Wei.

Old Mrs. Han thought about it and said, “How about I go as well?”

Old Mr. Han: “…”

“Don’t make trouble! In a while, there will be people here to give their New Year greetings. Where are you going?” Old Master pulled her back.

“My Zhuoli, the eternal loner, finally has a wife. Aren’t I allowed to boast about it outside?” Old Mrs. Han said, her neck raised.

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Randomly saying some big truth!

“It’s all the same if I bring Man Man over. Let them see Man Man herself,” Han Zhuoli said. “My first stop is the Wei Family.”

Lu Man: “…”

So evil?

Don’t forget that Wei Zhiqian is so loyal that for her, he especially withdrew his main sponsorship for The Performer*, and yet you turn around to harm him. Is that good?*

Old Mrs. Han pursed her lips. “I want to personally see their jealous look.”

At that time, Old Mrs. Han also went through this!

“It’s the same if you just give them a call. Otherwise, it’s not good for you not to be here when Wei Zhiqian and the rest come and give their New Year greetings,” Old Mr. Han reminded her.

They did not know which point mentioned suited Old Mrs. Han. “Right, I won’t go now.”

Old Mr. Han felt a bit unused to her agreeing so easily. “Why are you suddenly not going?”

Old Mrs. Han stably sat on the sofa. “I’m waiting for Qian Zi to come to provoke him!”

Old Mr. Han: “…”

Haha, as expected, she had no good intentions.

Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man out.

Xia Qingwei stayed there to chat with Old Mrs. Han. In a house full of women, Old Mr. Han felt uncomfortable staying, so he went to the study to stay.

Qi Chengzhi and the rest came, and Xia Qingwei finally understood why Lu Man felt that they were all very interesting.

Wei Zhiqian was the first to come, and Old Mrs. Han found it strange. “In the past years, you few would set a time and come together. Why did you come here alone this time?”

Wei Zhiqian looked at Old Mrs. Han, face full of grievances. “Aren’t you asking despite knowing the answer? Zhuo Zi is too disloyal, bringing Lu Man and running to our family home first. If I didn’t hurry and come out, should I have stayed there and waited for the Old Madam in our house to throw her anger at me?”

Everybody: “…”



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