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(I’m Just Looking Out from the Window)

Wang Juhuai turned his head to look at him. “I’m not going, I’m just looking out from the window.”

After that, they saw Wang Juhuai stand by the window, yet he did not dare to outrightly stand there. Instead, he hid behind the wall at the side and secretly peeked his head out. He saw that Xia Qingwei had walked out of the yard and was sitting inside Han Zhuoli’s car.

When Shen Nuo saw that, she sighed.

She did not think that Wang Juhuai would actually have a past with Xia Qingwei.

It was probably that before their individual marriages, they had a relationship.

It was a pity that fate had messed with them.

Xia Qingwei met Lu Qiyuan, who was such an evil man, and Wang Juhuai met someone who disgusted people.

Obviously, until now, the two of them had feelings for each other.

But Wang Juhuai did not know that Xia Qingwei had been divorced for over ten years already.

He’d actually been missing so many of her days.

If he’d known earlier, Lu Man would not have been bullied so much, Xia Qingwei would not have needed to suffer so much, and Wang Juhuai would not have needed to be lonely for so many years.

When she thought about that, she felt pity.

It was only after Han Zhuoli’s car had driven away for a while that Wang Juhuai returned.

“Has her life been very tough?” When he saw Xia Qingwei, it didn’t seem to him like she was much different from before.

She was gentle and quiet, her facial color was also good, and she looked like the model woman from ancient books.

“I don’t know as much as Old Mrs. Han and Shen Nuo do, so I’ll have them tell you,” Han Xijin said.

So Shen Nuo told him everything about how Lu Qiyuan had treated Xia Qingwei and Lu Man.

A lot of things had been told to them by Han Zhuoli, and it was a lot more than those pieces of information that were reported in the media.

Originally, there was no need to talk about Lu Man, but looking at Wang Juhuai’s attitude now, he was very likely to want to court Xia Qingwei.

If the two of them really got together in the future, she did not want Lu Man to feel awkward or for Wang Juhai to have a bad opinion of Lu Man because of Lu Qiyuan.

“That child Lu Man, because of Qingwei’s illness, was always bullied by Xia Qingyang and her daughter. She had saved enough money with much difficulty to treat Qingwei’s illness before she could leave the Lu Family,” Shen Nuo said.

“That Lu Qiyuan is really inhumane!” Every time she heard the story, Old Mrs. Han would be angry. “He did not treat Lu Man as a daughter at all! They were both his flesh and blood, so I really don’t understand how could he do that! At that time, when Lu Qi hurt the director, he even wanted Lu Man to be the scapegoat. This situation was very big online, you can directly go search for it. Lu Qi, Lu Man, search them together and you’ll know about those disgusting things the Lu Family did!”

“I heard Zhuoli say that at that time, when Qingwei divorced Lu Qiyuan, she had been having a hard life. Aside from the old house that the two of them stayed in at first, Lu Qiyuan did not give her anything at all. Her body is not well either, and to treat her illness, she had been living very frugally. It’s only during these last two years that Qingwei got better, and that was because after Lu Man had left the Lu Family and used her own abilities, she did better and better at her work. Lu Man helped Qingwei move into a big house, then helped her treat her body bit by bit,” Shen Nuo said.

“Look at how healthy Qingwei looks now and at how she seems to be living well. You would not know how bad her body’s condition was in before. When we first got to know Lu Man, Qingwei’s illness had just gotten better. When she had just started healing from a long-time illness, there was still a bit of a sickly aura to her. Her face was pale, and she was also very thin. Now, she looks good, but she was really thin in the past,” Shen Nuo said.

Old Mrs. Han sighed. “The good thing is that Xiao Xia has Lu Man, who’s such a good child. For Xiao Xia’s sake, Lu Man really went through a lot.”

Wang Juhuai clenched his hand in a fist due to anger.

He was angry at Lu Qiyuan for actually bullying Xia Qingwei like that.



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