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( Her Willpower Is Very Strong)

If she really offended the production group, the celebrities under Zhong Hang would not be able to participate in Dong Hua’s shows in the future. That would be like finding death.

Huang Yawen really regretted a lot of things today. Why did she seemingly lose her mind just now, saying those sorts of things?

She hoped that she would not affect all the celebrities under Zhong Hang because of what she and Qiao Luna said just now.

Lu Dongliu did not bother with Qiao Luna and the rest anymore and told Lu Man, “Alright, clean up a bit, then go on stage.”

Lu Man nodded, then Lu Dongliu asked again, “Is your current status alright?”

Don’t be like Qiao Luna just now, whose performance on stage got affected.

Lu Man smiled confidently. “There’s no problem. I was not affected.”

Lu Dongliu nodded, then looked towards Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin.

Du Lin smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. My sister-in-law definitely is alright. Her willpower is very strong. No ordinary person can affect her.”

Lu Dongliu found it stange—who was Du Lin’s sister-in-law? It was only after hearing what he said that he managed to react and realize he was referring to Lu Man.

When did Lu Man become Du Lin’s sister-in-law?

He suppressed the questions in his heart and did not ask while Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng also expressed that there was no problem.

The audience in front was a bit impatient already, and the employees came to hurry them.

Lu Dongliu nodded, expressing that it can start.

The employee finally let out a breath of relief.

The lights in the theater switched off again, leaving only the lights on stage.

Lu Man walked in front of the stage.

“It’s Lu Man, Lu Man came up.”

“Sh*t, Lu Man can manage to pull off those clothes so well. It’s really not easy.”

“As soon as Lu Man went up, I noticed that her aura is obviously different from Qiao Luna’s. Even the movements of her hands are artistic.”

Following that, Du Lin went on stage.

The audience all went “wow.”

“Du Lin actually came!”

“Lu Man could bring along Du Lin—how brilliant!”

“Hahahaha, Du Lin!”

The audience was all very excited. One could see how well-received Du Lin was by the audience.

After a while, a man who was wearing a long jacket and holding a big bag of cigarettes confidently walked up.

“The f*ck! Isn’t that Ji Cheng?”

“F*ck. Despite the kind of fame Ji Cheng has now, Lu Man actually managed to invite him!”

“The main thing is that Ji Cheng had never participated in any variety show before! He had even said before that he doesn’t like participating in variety shows. Lu Man is really very good!”

Ji Cheng acted a portion with Lu Man and saw a slightly fat middle-aged man walk up. “Wait for a while, wait for a while!”

When the audience saw that, their eyes bulged out.

Sun Yiwu!

“The h*ck! Why did Sun Yiwu come!”

“The f*ck, he’s a director! He’s never acted before, and he actually came to act alongside Lu Man?!”

“Sun Yiwu had publicly said recently that he is withdrawing from The Performer. Turning around so quickly to come here, that’s too much of a face slap.”

“How important is Lu Man that she managed to invite Sun Yiwu?!”

“I’m a loyal fan of this show, never missing a single episode, but this episode today is definitely the most luxurious episode in terms of guests ever since the show started to air!”

“My gosh. Normally, Sun Yiwu doesn’t even go on interview shows, much less variety shows. For him to actually run over to act, I still feel a bit dizzy and don’t dare to believe it.”

“I did not think that Sun Yiwu could act quite well.”

“That’s right, he is a director. Towards some little details, he’s not bad.”

“Today, just seeing Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin is very much worth it. Lu Man is too impressive, how did she do it?”



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