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(Lu Man’s Fiance)

The audience was still in shock and had yet to return to their senses when the performance ended.

Originally, Sun Yiwu and the rest had wanted to leave the stage, but they were called back by Fan Yue. “Please stay here for a while everyone, stay here!”

It was rare that Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were both here, and there was Du Lin as well. They would all guarantee high viewership ratings, so how could he let them get off the stage so fast?

“Lu Man, you’re really good, actually being able to invite all of these people. Seeing Du Lin come on stage, I said in my heart that that’s great, looks like our viewership ratings for this episode will definitely be high,” Fan Yue said as he smiled.

The audience laughed. This Fan Yue was really too direct.

“In the end, I saw Director Sun and Director Ji come up, and I was stunned! With the episode today, our production group will manage to earn a lot! We paid for Lu Man alone to come, but in the end, three high-fame-level big-shots also came!” Fan Yue said.

“Yes!” the audience all agreed. “Lu Man is too great!”

Fan Yue smiled and asked, “Lu Man, talk about it, how did you manage to invite these three big-shots?”

“Actually, it was not me who invited them,” Lu Man explained with a smile.

“Oh?” Fan Yue curiously responded.

“I’m a newcomer. In total, I’ve filmed only Director Sun and Director Ji’s movies. Before this, I have never gone on any shows and did not have an opportunity to interact with others in the same industry. That’s why I do not know any other people. It’s Director Sun, Director Ji, and Older Brother Du who heard about my problem and knew that I couldn’t find anyone, so they automatically contacted me, telling me that they’ll help me. I really… until now, I’m still very touched. What kind of ability or luck do I have to have them help and treat me so well?”

Fan Yue laughed. “If you’re talking about Director Sun and Director Ji, I can understand. After all, you’ve acted in their films and you know them. What about Du Lin?”

Du Lin explained himself. “Lu Man’s fiance is my friend. He’s an existence that is like a Big Brother to me, so when I heard my sister-in-law had a problem, naturally, I came to help instantly.”

The audience was shocked. “Who is Lu Man’s fiance? Is he really quite powerful?”

Actually, the fact that Lu Man had a rich fiance was known only by the students of the National Film Academy, and none of them told outsiders.

Because of that, the audience was also very stunned.

“Then can I ask, which director arranged your performance?”

The audience all started to laugh.

Even Fan Yue himself also laughed after he finished asking it.

This question was too luxurious.

It was a performance with a total of four people, and there were two directors among the four!

Wasn’t that angering to hear?!

It was so stifling!

Ji Cheng laughed and said, “I’m a newcomer to being a director. This show was arranged by my brother Sun.”

“Ha. A director with 8.9 billion yuan ticket sale, can you really say you are a newcomer? I’m just at 3 billion, alright?!” Sun Yiwu said with a smile.

Ji Cheng told the audience, “Why do you think Lao Sun had a role? He was the director and helped us arrange the performance, and he added scenes for himself!”

“I just wanted to go on stage and support Lu Man,” Sun Yiwu said directly.

Everyone was so shocked that they already became stone.

To support Lu Man, he helped her arrange the performance. He especially came personally to support her, and he even especially added parts for himself.

My gosh!

Fan Yue then asked Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng a few questions and found out that they were protecting Lu Man like that and treating her differently.

It was likely that after this episode aired, no one would dare to say that Lu Man had no connections and no backers in the industry.

The people whom Lu Man knew were not a lot, but those whom she knew were the kind who could beat a hundred—no, the kind who could beat a thousand!




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