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(Without You By My Side, My Whole Body Feels Uncomfortable)

It was the middle of the night. They were scared that if they ate too much, it would be hard to digest. Lu Man and Xia Qingwei just ate a few for symbolism purposes, then hurriedly cleaned up and went to sleep.

Lu Man slept very well, and she did not know what time it was when she heard the doorbell in her daze.

The doorbell rang for very long. At the start, Lu Man thought it was a sound in her dream.

The sound of the doorbell became more and more real, and only then did Lu Man finally wake up.

Rubbing her face and walking out of the bedroom, it just so happened that Xia Qingwei also came out.

“It’s already so late, who could it be?” Xia Qingwei asked in a small voice.

Lu Man frowned. “What time is it now?”

After being woken up by the noise just now, Xia Qingwei had looked at her phone. “1:40.”

Lu Man walked to the door, not daring to open it instantly.

It was the middle of the night. What if it was some perverted serial killer or someone who was trying to rob the house?

It just so happened that half of their neighbors went back to their hometown for the new year.

Every time it was the new year, B City practically became an empty city.

Lu Man opened the surveillance cameras first, and in the end, Han Zhuoli’s face appeared on the screen!

It cannot not be said that the image from the surveillance camera at night was not very clear and the color was a bit bluish. It was a bit scary.

But under this sort of situation, Han Zhuoli could still maintain his good looks.

It could be said to be very brilliant.

Lu Man hurriedly opened the door and looked at him in shock.

She’d just opened the door when the cold air from outside the door entered. The warmth in the house was just sufficient, and Lu Man was wearing only thin pajamas. The house was instantly penetrated by the cold air, and she was so cold that she trembled a bit.

She hurriedly pulled Han Zhuoli in. His big black coat was cold and was even wet.

When he entered the house, under the light, she could finally clearly see that there was snow on his shoulders and hair.

“It’s snowing outside?” Lu Man asked in shock.

“Yeah.” Han Zhuoli smiled and nodded. “After coming out from the family house, I realized it was snowing.”

“Then why did you still come over here? Furthermore, it’s already so late.” Lu Man was worried about him, and she reached out, wanting to pat away the snow on Han Zhuoli’s shoulder. She was stopped by Han Zhuoli, and he did not let her touch it.

“It’s too cold,” Han Zhuoli explained and patted away the snow on his shoulder and hair himself.

Lu Man looked at him helplessly. This man, what did that little bit of cold matter?

But he was not willing to let her touch even that little bit of cold.

Lu Man could not help but laugh. Her heart feeling warm, the cold from opening the door just now was also gone.

Xia Qingwei saw the interactions between the two of them, yawned, and smiled while saying, “Then I’ll go and sleep first. You two should sleep earlier.”

Lu Man took off Han Zhuoli’s jacket for him and pulled him into the bedroom. She was looking for pajamas for him as she nagged, “It’s the middle of the night, don’t run over here. It’s too difficult, we could have just met tomorrow.”

Han Zhuoli saw how she was busying herself and was nagging, and he felt that it was like they were an old married couple.

He really wanted to go up and hug her but felt that his body was still too cold. He could only give up on that idea.

He was scared that he would make her cold.

After Lu Man turned around and passed the pajamas to him, Han Zhuoli explained, “I was planning on staying in the family house, but when I lay down, I could not sleep no matter what. Without you by my side, my whole body feels uncomfortable. Anyway, I couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to come and find you.”

Han Zhuoli said as he changed into his pajamas, “I woke you up.”

Lu Man shook her head and went to test the temperature of his hand and arm and found that they were still cold. “Do you want to go and take a bath? Your body is so cold.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli nodded and agreed.

Anyway, he just came in from such a cold temperature outside. He could not sleep any time soon.

Lu Man instantly went to adjust the bathwater for him in the bathroom.



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