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(Lu Man Making a Move)

“Haha, you all don’t know, right? The Lu Corporation became the main sponsor for The Performer and had another condition. That was, to make sure that they enter his daughter Lu Qi into the show, that she appears in the first episode, and that she must definitely win. Yesterday, everyone turned to Dong Hua Station midway and did not see the third round. Lu Qi appeared in the third round, with Ni Xue, and the result was as expected. Lu Qi won.”

“It can’t be, right? I went to search just now. Lu Qi was indeed in the third round, but she won because of the internal agreements?”

“It’s definitely true. I heard my friend say so. My friend is working for The Performer, but as to who it is, I can’t say. I don’t want to harm him.”

In front of the computer, Lu Man slowly typed out that paragraph and posted it.

That was right. The person exposing this internal agreement was Lu Man’s other account.

She did not forget; she had accepted Classic X Files’s public relations fee.

Classic X Files had good viewership ratings yesterday, and that was because of Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin. Although she had invited the three of them, that was her job as a celebrity, and she had finished it.

As to her promise to the production group to do public relations, she had not done that to her satisfaction yet.

So she woke up early today and started to do her work.

“Understood, understood.”

After that, Lu Man used WeChat to contact Eight Skin Entertainment, her old working partners.

Eight Skin Entertainment instantly replied. His first sentence was, “Congratulations, congratulations. The episode of Classic X Files that you participated in had explosive viewership ratings. I also watched it last night, your performance was brilliant. Whether it was for the variety show side or the acting skills, they were both especially great.”

“Thank you.” Lu Man chatted with him, then went to the main topic.

Eight Skin Entertainment saw that he had work to do and was also happy. “No problem.”

The two of them did calculations, and Eight Skin Entertainment had always given her the lowest possible price.

Lu Man happily transferred the money to him.

Not long after, on Weibo, Eight Skin Entertainment posted, “#The Performer Flops# #Lu Qi Ni Xue Have No One Watching Them# from a certain netizen. Originally, The Performer’s production team did not invite Lu Qi, and Lu Qi could not reach the finals of the Chinese Arts Championships. But because the Lu Corporation became The Performer’s main sponsor, Lu Qi could enter The Performer and even appeared in the first episode. At this time, my heart aches a bit for Ni Xue. She had entered the top five of the Chinese Arts Championships with much difficulty and entered The Performer with her own hard work, and yet she can’t compete with someone who entered the show with investments.”

“She had managed to appear in the first episode with much difficulty, and in the end, she was arranged to be in the third round, and all the audience went to watch Classic X Files. No one was watching Ni Xue and Lu Qi’s performances. Ni Xue knew that there were internal decisions but still wanted to participate in The Performer, allowing her reputation to be ruined as long as she could increase her exposure. In the end… what exposure? A lot of netizens did not even know that she was there in the episode yesterday night.”

“That’s one thing, yet she even lost to Lu Qi. The second placer in the Chinese Arts Championships finals lost to the Lu Qi who did not even enter the finals. Whether there were any internal decisions or not, I really don’t dare to say because I’m scared that someone will sue me for creating rumors. Could everyone make their own decisions based on the situation?”

Lu Man had considered everything to prevent the netizens from contributing to The Performer’s online viewership and see Lu Qi and Ni Xue. She especially made a clip with the performance of the two in that episode and directly had Eight Skin Entertainment post it on Weibo.

So, Eight Skin Entertainment’s fans didn’t even need to find it online and could directly watch it on his Weibo.



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