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(You Know Our In-Law?)

Seeing Xia Qingwei say that, Lu Man thought that that was right, and so felt more at ease.

At that moment, they heard the voice of Butler Wang, who was standing at the doorway. “Mr. Wang.”

After a while, she saw Wang Juhuai walk in.

It was Lu Man’s first time meeting Wang Juhuai. She knew that every time Han Zhuoli went to America, he would pay him a visit, and that was how he got bothered by Wang Qianyun.

Now, when Lu Man looked over, she found that Wang Juhuai was even more outstanding than she imagined.

Compared to saying that he was like a musician, he was more like a literary person.

He was not like how Lu Man remembered musicians to be—overly romantic, yet very unrealistic with a very unreal atmosphere.

Wang Juhuai standing there felt very steady.

Some artists give off the feeling of being floaty and hard to hold down.

But the feeling that Wang Juhuai gave people was that he was in the human realm, very calming and real.

He was wearing a black sheep fur coat. Some snow from outside were on his shoulders, and he stood in front of everyone.

Lu Man found that Wang Juhuai in person was really a lot more good-looking than in the photos on the media.

He was already middle-aged, but his figure did not lose much to Han Zhuoli’s. His back was straight, seemingly like he was even more full of energy.

His face had wrinkles, but it did not reduce his charm.

Even if they had him go out now, he could attract quite a lot of girls who liked the uncle type.

It could be imagined that when Wang Juhuai was young, his looks must have been extremely good.

Wang Juhuai smiled gently and walked over. He was just about to give his New Year greeting to the two elderly when he suddenly looked over and he suddenly stiffened.

Wang Juhuai’s gaze had landed on Xia Qingwei.

He seemed like he was dumb, just opening his mouth but unable to say anything.

Wang Juhuai’s strangeness was so obvious, everyone could see it.

Shen Nuo lightly pulled on Han Xijin, and Han Xijin instantly called out, “Juhuai?”

Wang Juhuai’s gaze was still on Xia Qingwei, and he slowly said “yeah” before he turned away.

Xia Qingwei’s face was white, and her two hands were unknowingly holding each other tight. The tips of her nails were white from the force.

Lu Man looked over at Xia Qingwei. With how she was like now, and with the strangeness just now…

It seemed that Xia Qingwei knew Wang Juhuai?

Lu Man felt that it was a bit unbelievable.

How did her mom know Wang Juhuai?

One was in B City, one was in America.

The only common point seemed to be… the two of them both knew how to play the violin.

Xia Qingwei was teaching violin to school children while Wang Juhuai was a famous composer and violinist.

At that moment, Han Xijin asked the question that everyone was curious about, “Juhuai, you know our in-law?”

Wang Juhuai was stunned for a bit, then looked at Xia Qingwei, then looked at Han Xijin, then muttered and asked, “In-law?”

“That’s right. This is Lu Man, and Qingwei is Lu Man’s mother,” Shen Nuo explained. “Lu Man is Zhuoli’s fiancee. They’ll be getting their marriage certificate on the ninth day after the New Year.”

Wang Juhuai looked at Lu Man in shock, then smiled and said, “So your daughter is already so old.”

That strangeness seemed to disappear suddenly from Wang Juhuai, and he returned to normal.

He smiled and explained, “Before I went overseas, didn’t I learn violin from a teacher? Xiao Xia is my teacher’s daughter. At that time, the two of us followed Teacher to learn the violin.”

When Xia Qingwei’s father passed away, he could not rush back, and later on, he had the chance to return to the country and went to the tomb to pay his respects, but he did not go and see Xia Qingwei.

He had heard she had gotten married, and he did not want to see her with another man, so he hurriedly returned to America.




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