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(No One Is Allowed to Leave)

But compared to him, she was already old.

From his appearance, he’s probably living very well.

His career was doing well, and there was also that… that woman.

Just leave it like that. She mustn’t think about anything, mustn’t wish for anything. She should just be like how she had always been, seeing news about him in the media reports.

Xia Qingwei did not notice at all how her two hands had been tightly clenched all along.

It was only after Lu Man’s soft palm had covered them that Xia Qingwei suddenly realized it.

Returning to her senses and quickly loosening her hand, she realized that because her fingers had been using force for too long and had become stiff, it even felt unnatural when she was moving them.

Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “Since there is a guest here, I won’t disturb you all anymore. I’ll go back first.”

Old Mrs. Han instantly said, “Leave after you eat! We agreed beforehand!”

Xia Qingwei’s facial expression stiffened. Old Mrs. Han exposing her like that, wasn’t that as good as telling Wang Juhuai that she was leaving to avoid him?

Wang Juhuai smiled and said, “It’s better if I leave first. I came out of the blue today, not knowing that it is your family gathering and disturbing you.”

Saying that, he was about to stand up.

Han Xijin hurriedly pulled on him. “Don’t, don’t, don’t. It’s rare that you came back to the country. You just arrived, how could you leave?”

Han Xijin could tell that there was something between Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei.

He thought it was quite good. The two of them were both divorced; it was a very good chance.

“If you want me to say it, I will: no one is allowed to leave,” Old Mrs. Han said. “It’s all family here, don’t treat yourself as an outsider.”

Old Mrs. Han turned her head to explain to Xia Qingwei, “Juhuai and Xijin have know each other from when they were young, and he always followed Xijin to the house to play. I treat him as half a son. Later on, he went to America. Every time he comes back, he will come to our house.”

Xia Qingwei’s expression changed a bit. So in these few years, he did come back occasionally.

She thought that after he went to America, he never came back.

That was right; even if he came back, he would not come and see her.

What was she to him?

Xia Qingwei lowered her gaze and found that when she was feeling weak, she was petty and not generous.

Wang Juhuai did not have any relation to her at all.

But hearing that he came back to the country yet never came to see her, she still felt uncomfortable.

She was betrayed by Lu Qiyuan and divorced him. Entering the hospital with a serious illness and such, she dealt with it by herself. There was nothing that she could not get through.

She did not need him.

She laughed mockingly at herself. This was not good. She needed to change.

When she raised her head again, Xia Qingwei had already returned to normal, restoring the warm aura she normally had around her.

Wang Juhuai liked that sort of aura and was attracted, and unknowingly, his gaze landed on her and could not turn away.

Xia Qingwei’s clenched her fist lightly. A man who was already married… what was that gaze for?

Although she’d hated that woman her whole life, she had gone through it herself and would not do things that would destroy other’s families.

“Alright, then, I’ll stay,” Xia Qingwei said as she smiled.

“Xiao Wang, you aren’t allowed to leave either,” Old Mrs. Han told Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai smiled helplessly. In front of Old Mrs. Han, he was like that youth in the past.

Wang Juhuai turned around to look at Xia Qingwei, as if waiting for her opinion.

Xia Qingwei paused, then smiled and said, “It is rare that Mr. Wang has come by. Don’t leave because of us. Otherwise, the one who feels bad will be me.”

Wang Juhuai was stunned, then instantly nodded. “Then I’ll stay behind.”

Xia Qingwei mildly looked away and did not interact with him anymore.



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