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(Becoming More and More Backward)

They’d found upon moving here that there was a small bathroom in the bedroom. It was very convenient.

Not long after, Lu Man came out and touched his arm, her heart aching. “Hurry. Go and soak in the bath for a while. Don’t soak too long, just make your body warm.”

Han Zhuoli nodded. He went to soak for 10 minutes and came out.

As the two were working together, it was already 2:30 when they were done.

While Han Zhuoli was soaking in the bathtub, Lu Man was waiting on the bed, and when Han Zhuoli entered, the covers were warm with Lu Man’s scent.

Han Zhuoli instantly felt satisfied and pulled Lu Man into his embrace. He sighed. “As expected, coming over at night was the right choice.”

Smiling, Lu Man rubbed herself into his embrace and found a comfortable position. Closing her eyes, she said in satisfaction, “For me as well, it’s great that you came.”

Han Zhuoli laughed, lowered his head, and kissed the corner of her lips. “I forgot to tell you, Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.” Lu Man smiled and raised her head to kiss his jaw.

“Good night.” It was only then that Han Zhuoli was fully satisfied. He hugged Lu Man and slept.


The two of them woke up at 8:30 in the morning, cleaned up, and walked out of the bedroom. They saw that Xia Qingwei was already awake.

“You’re awake.” Seeing that the two of them had already cleaned up, she said, “Then I’ll go and cook the dumplings. Let’s eat dumplings this morning.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli had felt that it was a pity that he did not manage to eat dumplings, and hearing that he could eat it still this morning, he was instantly happy.

When Xia Qingwei went to cook, Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man over. “You made them?”

“I wrapped it with Mom, but Mom was the one who made the stuffings,” Lu Man explained with a smile.

Han Zhuoli felt that it was a pity. “Then help me make them when we go home. I want to eat dumplings that you made.”

This man seemed to have an obsession with food she cooked herself.

She did not know that it was all because of how she cooked for Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui at that time, causing Han Zhuoli to start feeling anger, swearing to be the man Lu Man cooked for the most!

Even when eating dumplings, Han Zhuoli was doing his best to differentiate Xia Qingwei and Lu Man’s dumplings.

But even Lu Man herself could not differentiate them and could only helplessly have him eat faster.

After eating breakfast, the three of them left to head to the family home.

The family house was also very festive, and there was a happy celebratory mood everywhere.

There were couplets and “fu” words pasted everywhere, and upon entering the yard, they saw that the snow on the walkway had been cleaned.

There were stacks of white snow on both sides, which looked very nice.

Upon entering the old family home, they saw that the two elderly had changed into very festive new clothes.

Lu Man and Xia Qingwei gave their New Year greetings to the two elderly as soon as they entered the door.

“I did not see Zhuoli in the morning and knew that that fellow had gone to find you.” Old Mrs. Han looked at Han Zhuoli, full of disdain. Not being able to leave his wife for even a night, he was really too lacking in ability!

Han Zhuoli very calmly accepted Old Mrs. Han’s disdainful gaze.

He did not find it embarrassing at all!

Not long after, Han Dongping’s whole family also came.

It was Han Dongping’s first time seeing Xia Qingwei, and when Old Mrs. Han introduced them, Han Dongping only coldly nodded his head.

Xia Qingwei understood; not everyone in the Han Family accepted Lu Man.

But from how it looked, only Han Dongping did not accept her.

Xia Qingwei did not care at all.

What he said did not matter.

Old Mr. Han glared at Han Dongping. “You’re becoming more and more backward!”

Han Dongping did not expect that Old Mr. Han would scold him in front of outsiders.

Shen Nuo directly told Xia Qingwei in front of Han Dongping, “Qingwei, don’t mind it. Lu Man is marrying my son. It has nothing to do with a certain person, yet he insists on treating himself as someone important, which is funny. The people you need to interact with in the future are also us. We are your actual in-laws.”



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