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(Total Win)

That was almost half its normal viewership ratings!

Ge Guangzhen took a close look again. The viewership ratings were so low, it would have been pitiful for most of the shows, and these were all the shows that were airing at 9:00.

What else did he not understand?

It was probably affected by Classic X Files.

It was over…

Their show was about to become a joke!

It was only the first episode, and it flopped.

Assistant Director Wang saw how Ge Guangzhen looked like the sky was about to fall and hurriedly took the viewership ratings’ table to take a look at it.

“This…” This was also too low, right?!

Assistant Director Wang did not have as much pressure as Ge Guangzhen, and so he remembered now, the whole web’s viewership ratings were about to come out already.

He hurried online to see.

As expected, after everyone had been waiting anxiously, The Pineapple Television Website finally uploaded the viewership ratings of the variety shows of each of the major stations yesterday.

Tenth place, Listen To My Story, Xi Nan Television Station, 0.232%.

Ninth place, Matchmaking Congregation, Jiang Nan Art Station, 0.2423%.

Second place, The Performer, Xing Ke Station, 1.0562%.

First place, Classic X Files, Dong Hua Station, 2.1305%.

“The f*ck, Classic X Files managed to pass two! I remember their viewership ratings for the first season was the best, but at its highest, it could only get close to second, and after the second season, the viewership ratings started to fall. Although it’s still a famous variety show, it is no longer as great and surprising for the audience as its first season. When it reached the fourth season, its viewership ratings were basically between 1.5 to 1.7. And now, during the third episode, it has revived!”

“My heart aches for The Performer. Although it is second, the difference with number one is too big.”

“Total win, this is a total win against The Performer!”

“To The Performer‘s production team, what should I say about you guys? If you hadn’t done those sorts of schemes, Lu Man could have entered your production team and the first episode yesterday would have had Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin. You were wrong from the start! One wrong step, and then all your steps went wrong as well!”

“I wonder if the production team for The Performer is crying. If they weren’t so bad and hadn’t done those sorts of schemes before this, Lu Man would not have quit. Once Lu Man had quit, you should have just let her quietly quit, yet you insisted on pulling her out to slander her. Is Lu Man so easy to provoke? If you had not slandered Lu Man at that time, the fact that your show has such internal schemes won’t have been exposed. If you hadn’t provoked Lu Man and if Lu Man had still been in your production group, Classic X Files won’t have asked Lu Man to participate. If it wasn’t for the fact that you had decided to air on Friday night to compete with Classic X Files, Classic X Files won’t have had Lu Man help them do public relations and publicity. If Classic X Files hadn’t sought out Lu Man, they would not have been able to invite Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng and The Performer won’t have been a flop.”

“So, the reason at the end was still Lu Man!”

“The Performer flopped so much. Are the guests participating in the show still fine? Are the advertisers still fine? Is the main sponsor still fine?”

“The main sponsor is the Lu Corporation. Why does this company’s name sound so familiar?”

“Of course it sounds familiar. It’s run by Lu Man’s bad biological father who’d worse than a step-dad.”

“The f*ck, is he dumb? Does he not have a brain? Even if he doesn’t get along with Lu Man, Lu Man had refused to participate in The Performer. As her father, shouldn’t he not have sponsored The Performer? Even if it were not from that angle, just in terms of business, it was a show that Lu Man did not look well upon, yet he still ran to be their main sponsor. Does his brain have a problem?”

“So now that The Performer has flopped, the Lu Corporation has also flopped.”

“If he didn’t have something wrong with his brain, how could he not want a daughter as smart as Lu Man?”



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