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(Please Mind Yourself)

It seemed very beautiful.

And after that, he asked her if she was willing to be his girlfriend or not.

The person she was at that time was really very happy.

She was young and felt that she would definitely be able to live with him until they were old together, that she would definitely be able to marry him and be his wife.

Xia Qingwei closed her eyes, and a tear flowed into her hair from their corner.

But later on, everything changed.

Xia Qingwei frowned and tried her best to get rid of the images in her brain.

The images that had tortured her her whole life.

Her hand pressed on her chest forcefully. It was very painful inside.

Xia Qingwei opened her eyes, and her chest was so stuffy and painful that she could not breathe.

Rubbing her chest, she sat up and took deep breaths a few times, then she got down from the bed to take out her violin.

Resting it on her shoulder, she instinctively played Flying Insects.

Wang Juhuai came to the doorway of Xia Qingwei’s house and just happened to hear this song.

His hand that was just about to press the doorbell stopped, and he quietly listened.

This was a song they had once played together.

She still remembered.

The area around Wang Juhuai’s eyes turned red slightly.

Finally, after the song was over, Wang Juhuai also came back out from his memories.

His fingers were trembling as he pressed the doorbell.

“Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!”

Xia Qingwei was stunned. She did not know who it was at this time; Lu Man had her own key.

And it was a fingerprint lock. Lu Man could come in by herself.

She wiped away the tears that had unknowingly flowed, sniffed, then took a few deep breaths before going to the doorway and switching on the surveillance camera. Suddenly, her hand trembled.

The person standing outside the door was actually Wang Juhuai!

He… how did he find his way here?

“Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong!”

The doorbell rang again.

Xia Qingwei saw the man standing outside through the screen, elegant and handsome, like how he was when he was young.

Xia Qingwei took a deep breath and slowly pushed the door open.

She opened her mouth and realized that when facing him one-on-one, she could not say anything.

Wang Juhuai looked at her with deep emotions. She did not know if it was the cold wind outside blowing in that had caused the sides of his eyes to become red.

“Xiao Xia,” Wang Juhuai called out lowly.

His voice was familiar, his tone was familiar, and in them, there were emotions.

Xia Qingwei suddenly lowered her head, not daring to look at Wang Juhuai.

This “Xiao Xia” directly brought her back into the memories of the past.

However sweet her memories of the past were, they were so bitter now.

Her tears fell onto the ground without warning.

Because Wang Juhuai was staring at Xia Qingwei, not willing to miss any bit of her, he instantly saw those tears that fell quickly.

He saw something transparent quickly flash and disappear, and immediately, Wang Juhuai nervously asked, “Xiao Xia? What is it? Are you alright?”

Xia Qingwei shook her head, about to say something when her face was held by Wang Juhuai.

Xia Qingwei’s whole body stiffened, and following that, her face was raised up by Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai saw the traces of tears in her eyes, and his heart felt pained. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I caused you to suffer.”

Xia Qingwei’s eyes moved, and she suddenly pushed his hands away and walked a step back to distance herself from him. “Please mind yourself.”

Wang Juhuai’s two hands stiffened, and he slowly put them down and behind his back. “I’m sorry, I overstepped my boundaries.”

Xia Qingwei calmed down, then said, “It’s me who did not control my emotions properly.”

She raised her head and looked at Wang Juhuai.

“May I go in?” Wang Juhuai asked.

Towards Wang Juhuai’s morals, Xia Qingwei had trust.

She nodded. “Please enter. I’m sorry that I did not welcome you well.”

Wang Juhuai shook his head, smiled at her, and finally entered.



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