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( Really Has Too Many Bad Habits)

He Mengmeng also thought about it and instantly felt happy. Nodding, she said, “That’s right, that’s right.”

The three of them reached the hotel doorway, and the driver that Han Zhuoli assigned to Lu Man, Xiao Guo, was already waiting there.

Lu Man was about to officially start taking up activities, and she would have more and more of such jobs in the future.

Because of that, Han Zhuoli had assigned Lu Man a driver.

The driver also had skills and was quite well-trained like Xiao Chen, with the ability to follow people and deal with those following them.

If there was any problem, they could protect Lu Man.

While Lu Man and the other two had taken a plane over, Xiao Guo had driven over earlier.

B City was quite far from Dong Hua. If they had wanted to take the car, it would have taken around six to seven hours for them to arrive. It really would have been too tiring.

“Madam!” Xiao Guo called.

She did not know who Xiao Guo learned it from, insisting on calling Lu Man “Madam.”

Lu Man had said that he did not need to call her like that and that it was fine to just call her by her name, but Xiao Guo had laughed and did not respond, still calling her that the next time.

Lu Man also had no choice but to let him continue doing so.

“Aiya, I did not think that Lu Man also has a car.” Xiao Zhao saw Lu Man and the other two also get in the car.

“She doesn’t have a very high status, but she really is working on her image, acquiring all the necessary things,” Huang Yawen mocked.

Hu Zhonghui took a look from the side mirror of the car and told Lu Man, “Qiao Luna got on the car a very long time ago and has yet to leave. It looks like she’s competing to arrive later than you.”

This sort of thing, He Mengmeng saw often. “She has quite a lot of problems, even caring about these things when recording a show. Is there a need to?”

“That’s right, there’s no need to do it.” Lu Man did not care. “There’s no need to care about this sort of thing, let’s go.”

“Yes,” Xiao Guo responded and drove the car to leave.

After Lu Man left, Qiao Luna let the driver start the car a while later.

When Lu Man reached the television station, she asked around and found Classic X Files‘s production group.

They were filming today, and the production team was already busy.

The workers were walking around; it was very messy.

Just at that moment, Chi Xingrui walked quickly, giving orders to do work as he walked outwards, almost bumping into Lu Man.

Thankfully, Lu Man avoided it in time and called, “Assistant Director Chi.”

Chi Xingrui paused, then looked at Lu Man. He instantly smiled and said, “Aiya, you’re here! Good good good, I’ll have someone bring you to the dressing room so you can properly prepare.”

Chi Xingrui frowned and looked at the time. “It’s half an hour to recording, why isn’t Qiao Luna here yet? Isn’t she going to do makeup?”

Lu Man said, “She should be here soon, I left the hotel at the same time as her.”

How smart Chi Xingrui was. He knew as soon as he heard that Qiao Luna must be playing that scheme again to make her seem like a big-shot, which was to arrive later than Lu Man.

These female celebrities, each was more troublesome than the next!

After Chi Xingrui criticized celebrities in his heart, he hurriedly called someone over. “This is Lu Man, the guest for the episode we are filming today. Bring her to the dressing room.”

“Then please continue with your work,” Lu Man said with a smile, then followed the workers.

Chi Xingrui went to deal with what he had been doing and had just walked two steps when he suddenly stopped and hit his forehead. “I forgot to ask Lu Man about her mystery guest!”

Chi Xingrui looked at the time. He was about to not be able to complete what he needed to do in time and could only put that aside temporarily to deal with his own work first.

Lu Man entered the dressing room. He Mengmeng took out the clothes Lu Man was going to wear for the filming from her bag, and Lu Man went into the changing room in the dressing room to change her clothes first.

It was still a bit cold indoors, and Dong Hua City did not have heaters in the winter. They could only use the aircon’s warm air to deal with it, but it was not as warm as having a heater.




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