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(Who Can’t Get Any Benefits?)

Hu Zhonghui placed her hand on her hip and pointed the other hand at Huang Yawen, not polite at all.

Lu Dongliu’s face darkened. “Madam Huang, I think you are not thinking too clearly right now.”

Not letting Lu Man go on stage?

Was it possible for them not to let Lu Man go on stage?

There was Sun Yiwu present. There was Ji Cheng present.

This was a great chance for the production group.

Even if the production group had to give it their all, they would not let Lu Man not go on stage!

“This is our production group, not the Zhong Hang Media Company’s. Not everything will follow what you said. What Xiao Hu said was right. Our employee already saw the whole process clearly, and you all want to totally come up with your own interpretation? We are polite, but don’t bully people too much. If you really want to not hold anything back, who’ll be the one who can’t get any benefits? You should think about that carefully,” Lu Dongliu said, not polite at all.

“That’s right, you all should think carefully.” Sun Yiwu, this wolf in sheep’s clothing, finally opened his mouth, smiling while looking at Qiao Luna. “Xiao Qiao, you need to think carefully.”

Haha, if she didn’t let Lu Man go on stage today, he would make it such that Qiao Luna would have to leave the entertainment industry in the future!

He did not think that Lu Man did anything wrong.

Qiao Luna was looking for trouble. Her leg was being problematic, and they were already being polite by not cutting it off for her!

Sun Yiwu’s light words caused Qiao Luna to wake up instantly.

She saw how Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were both smiling at her—smiling especially gently.

That caused Qiao Luna to be scared until she was trembling.

Huang Yawen’s facial expression also changed.

She quietly spit in her heart. After spending too much time with Qiao Luna, even low intelligence could also be spread.

How could she forget that Lu Man was not alone? There was still Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng there!

With the standing that the two of them had in the movie industry, if they said just one sentence, Qiao Luna did not need to hope that she could advance to the big screen in the future.

Huang Yawen smiled stiffly and said, “Luna is in so much pain. That’s why she’s confused and is talking randomly.”

When Huang Yawen finished speaking, she turned her head back to glare at Qiao Luna and signal to her to hurry and confirm what she said. Or was she waiting to be banned from the industry?

Qiao Luna gritted her teeth unhappily. She could not understand what kind of luck Lu Man had, actually being able to make Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng protect her so much!

Wasn’t it just that she had acted in their movies?

There were many people who’d acted in their movies—why didn’t she see them protecting others this much?!

It was probably that they had some kind of shameless relationship, right?!

But even if Qiao Luna wanted to smear Lu Man’s name, she did not dare to really say her guesses out loud.

She still wanted to be in the entertainment industry. She did not want to offend two famous big-shot directors at once and be banned from the entertainment industry.

Under Huang Yawen’s gaze and signals, Qiao Luna could only unhappily grit her teeth, her eyes reddening as she said, “I’m confused from all the pain and was talking randomly.”

She did not know why, but she looked at Lu Man, unable to control herself.

Lu Man did not have any expression on her face at all. She had been very mild all along and did not think of herself as someone important.

However, Qiao Luna felt that Lu Man was mocking her, looking down on her, and gloating at her misfortune!

Although Lu Man did not laugh, she was laughing in her heart!

The corner of her mouth looked like it was about to smile, yet not!

Xiao Zhao went to help Qiao Luna back to the sofa to rest.

Lu Dongliu confirmed that Qiao Luna had really stopped making trouble before coldly looking at Huang Yawen.

The words Huang Yawen said just now, he remembered!

Huang Yawen’s heart stopped for a bit, thinking in her heart that that was not good. He was going to remember what she did and hate her for it!

Huang Yawen realized that she had been a bit too impulsive just now and offended the production team.

Dong Hua Station was a top station in the country. Any television drama or movie that was about to air needed to be advertised on Dong Hua Station.

And those sorts of variety shows that were very well-regarded like Classic X Files, they would naturally be doing such advertisements.



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