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( I’m Divorced)

At that moment, lunch was already prepared.

Thankfully, because Xia Qingwei and Lu Man were also there, Old Mrs. Han had instructed the kitchen to prepare more.

Now, even if there was an additional person, all that was needed was another set of cutlery and bowls.

“This time, how long are you planning on staying?” Han Xijin asked him at the dining table.

“I’m not sure. I’m back to take a look, and I’ll make plans again later,” Wang Juhuai said.

Originally, he had been planning on just coming back for the New Year, but seeing Xia Qingwei, he felt that it would be a pity to come and leave so rapidly.

Wang Juhuai took a look at the dining table and suddenly asked, “Xiao Xia, where is your husband? Why isn’t he here today?”

Xia Qingwei paused.

Normally, when this sort of question was asked, everyone present would feel awkward.

But at that moment, Old Mrs. Han and the rest looked happy, totally carefree, and was even very excited.

Even Lu Man’s face was relaxed.

It seemed like the only one who felt awkward was Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei swallowed her rice and said, “I’m divorced.”

Old Mrs. Han said, “She has been divorced for more than ten years already.”

Wang Juhuai’s spoon directly fell into the bowl for soup, and the soup splashed out a bit.

So, Xia Qingwei had been divorced for over ten years already.

These few years, what was he doing?

He had not dared to see her every time he was back here. His friends did not know her at all, and there was no way for him to hear news about her at all.

Because of that, every time he came back, he never got to know that she had been divorced for so many years!

“Why? He treated you badly?” Wang Juhuai’s heart tightened.

He was happy that she was divorced but sad because she was not treated well.

“It’s all a thing of the past,” Xia Qingwei said. “After so long, there’s nothing worth talking about.”

It was all ancient history, and if she said it out loud, it would sound like a joke.

It was not like it was something good that was worth saying.

When Han Xijin saw that, he patted Wang Juhuai’s shoulder, signaling for him to stop asking.

If he really wanted to know, they could talk about it later.

Although Wang Juhuai stopped asking, his heart did not feel calm for a long time.

Her marriage was unfortunate, and she was bullied. Wang Juhuai did not think that this was Xia Qingwei’s fault at all.

This kind of good woman, when she got married, she would definitely have used her heart to protect her marriage.

But while she was being bullied, he had been in the dark.

She’d been divorced for more than ten years, and yet he was not there.

She got divorced and brought up her child alone. It must definitely had been difficult.

When she needed help and care the most, he was not there.

Wang Juhuai did not know that Xia Qingwei and Lu Man’s life before this had not simply been difficult.

In the last life, Xia Qingwei had even passed away very early.

Because of this, Wang Juhuai’s heart had sunk, and his mood had become more solemn.

Lu Man looked at him in curiosity, and Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “It’s the New Year, don’t talk about these things.”

“Right, right, right, we’ll stop talking about these things,” Old Mrs. Han said with a smile, making the atmosphere joyous again.

After eating lunch, Xia Qingwei really could not sit still any longer and left after a while.

Furthermore, even if Wang Juhuai was not here, she could not have spent the whole day at the family house.

Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man and Xia Qingwei home, and Wang Juhuai watched, wanting to say that he could go with them but was pressed on the shoulder by Han Xijin.

Wang Juhuai looked at him anxiously, and Han Xijin shook his head and said in a low voice, “Don’t you want to know how Xia Qingwei has been doing and why they divorced?”

Wang Juhuai paused, then relaxed his shoulder, not going to chase them anymore.

He watched as Xia Qingwei left through the door, and Wang Juhuai stood up again.

Han Xijin went “aiyo.” “Didn’t we already agree? Why are you chasing them again?”



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